why should we not wear gemstones without astrological consultation

Many of us are aware of the strong connections between the planets, energies, and gemstones. They have long been regarded as the most incredible and miraculous means of improving our lives and achieving desired outcomes. The gemstones contain a variety of distinct characteristics, hues, and vibrations.

For centuries, cultures have made use of gemstone Vedic astrology to attain mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Every gemstone is thought to have special qualities and energies that can treat various elements of our lives.

We can access the subtle healing force of the universe by wearing a gemstone, which enhances our sense of balance, relaxation, protection, creativity, happiness, and love. However, one should be aware of and take care of several other crucial factors before wearing a gemstone.

In this blog, let’s discuss some important things about wearing a gemstone and know why we should consult with the gemstone pandit before wearing any gemstone.

So without wasting any time, let’s dive into this.

What is a Gemstone?

Gemstones hold a very special significance in Indian culture. The widespread belief that gems may change fate has been around since we were born, and it still holds true now! The astrological advantages that come with it have greatly boosted people’s faith.

Astrologers frequently advise wearing gemstones to improve luck and lessen the unfavourable effects of particular planets because they are said to have powerful healing abilities.

What is the Impact of Gemstones In Our Life?

Since ancient times, gemstones have been revered as powerful and significant objects. They have the ability to neutralise or lessen the negative effects of particular planets and are renowned for enhancing the good effects of favourable planets.

The gems have the capacity to absorb different planetary emissions, protecting the wearer from numerous hardships and problems in life related to social standing, well-being, finances, health, work, family, etc. If you want the best advice regarding gemstones, Pt Pawan Kaushik is one of the most famous gemstone astrologers that have years of experience in astrology.

Some amazing benefits of wearing gemstones are:

Healing Powers

healing powers

Every gemstone has a special healing quality. Each gemstone represents a planet and has the power to channel its energy toward you. For instance, Ruby, red or pink symbolises the sun. Ruby rejuvenates and presents the wearer with the power to take charge and administer their life, much like the sun brings energy to the natural world.



Anything, including fear, self-doubt, and recklessness, can be purified by gems. To release stored energies, you must frequently cleanse your gemstones. You can also get online gemstone recommendation to get an idea about which gemstone is best for cleansing and how to cleanse it. Pt Pawan Kaushik has years of experience in giving accurate gemstone recommendation to all who are in need of it.

Balances the Life

balance of life

Negative and unbalanced energies can be transformed by gemstones, which then restore them to their balanced, original state. They also help heal deep emotional suffering and mental trauma to bring mental peace.

Some gems have other healing properties that might enable you to unwind and cleanse your body and mind overall. They are frequently employed to combat anxiety and addictive behaviour. The Amethyst stone, for instance, bestows upon its owner inner fortitude, inventiveness, sobriety, courage, and peace.

Planets and their Different Accurate Gemstone Recommendation

Now, you may wonder how the different gemstones impact our lives, as the role of planets in astrology is very crucial. For this, you would require to understand the planets and their relatable gemstones.

Sun – RUBY

sun ruby

Let’s begin with the father planet Sun. Our personality, ego, life goal, willpower, heart, and blood flow are all governed by this planet. A person with a well-placed Sun in their birth chart has the potential to be a very powerful leader. Ruby is the stone that symbolises the sun. It is thought that the energy of a ruby brings cosiness, contentment, and love.

Mercury – EMERALD

mercury - emerald

Mercury is in charge of thought, expression, reason, and communication. The recommended gemstone for Mercury is Emerald. The Mercury gemstone enhances mental clarity and gives the bearer more powerful powers.


mars - red coral

Red coral is the gemstone that represents Mars, the planet that rules activity, anger, and bravery. The Red Coral enhances one’s bravery and fearlessness. You can take advice from gemstone pandit to know the use of Red Coral and how to wear it.

Moon – PEARL

moon - pearl

The moon controls our maternal and feminine energies as well as our sentiments, memories, and emotions. Pearl is the suggested gem for the Moon. Anxious and irritable persons are advised to wear pearls. It is most suitable for those who are depressed.


venus - diamond

Venus is the planet of love, arts, and creativity. It is advised that those who are experiencing Venus’s effects wear diamonds. For persons who work in arts and culture, diamonds are a blessing. It enhances one’s personality and increases attractiveness.


saturn - blue sapphire

Saturn is responsible for judgments, lessons learned in life, discipline, and dread. It is advised to wear blue sapphire for those going through changes brought on by Saturn. Gemstones made of blue sapphire exhibit the coolest and most intense colour on the colour wheel. It stands for comfort, serenity, and fulfilment.


jupiter - yellow sapphire

Jupiter is in charge of abundance, optimism, and luck. Jupiter’s recommended gemstone is yellow sapphire. This gemstone fosters ambition, knowledge, and self-assurance in the wearer. It draws money and good fortune.

Why Don’t Gemstones Give You the Desired Results Sometimes?

When we discuss gemstone Vedic Astrology, astrological gems are one of the best and the most suitable options to improve favourable planets’ positive impacts. These planets are the heart of Astrology. A gemstone pandit advises wearing particular gemstones based on various variables, such as astrological signs, place of birth, planet, etc.

So, the real question is: What exactly leads to gemstone failure?

To be clear, gemstones used alone have no effect at all; they have just been mishandled. Instead of being used for Pratikul Planets, gemstones are more appropriate for the Anukul planets. In some circumstances, gem therapy can only be effective after a thorough, holistic analysis of the entire chart. Lagna, Nava Sama, Rasi, planetary cycles, and Gochara are all part of it.

But unfortunately, sometimes, the outcomes lead to incorrect inferences. It is because the same suggestions were made without adequately understanding the planetary placements or the vimosatridasha. These stones don’t provide a useful solution; instead, they merely worsen things.

So it is always suggested to get the best advice and accurate gemstone recommendation from the best astrologers. Pt Pawan Kaushik will suggest you the best gemstone according to your planets and essential things.

What are the Harmful Effects of Wearing the Wrong Gemstone?

There’s no denying the fact that gemstones have the power to change lives and bring fortunes if one believes in them and adorns them properly. But if you don’t wear them properly, they will adversely affect your lifestyle and worsen your situation.

Some of the situations that you could face by wearing the wrong gemstone have been mentioned below.

  • It can create a great deal of disruption in your life by calling up destructive forces.
  • It prevents good cosmic light from planets from entering the body.
  • You gradually expose yourself to negative outcomes if you wear them on a regular basis.
  • Your physical and mental health starts to decline.
  • Your happiness begins to decline.
  • Since the merchant has fewer genuine gemstones in stock, they occasionally have to charge the customer more for them.

To avoid any harm of wearing the wrong gemstone, get the best consultation from Pt Pawan Kaushik. He has proficiency in suggesting the right gemstone according to your birth date, planets and many more other things.

Why is It Necessary To Consult A Gemstone Pandit (Astrologer) Before Wearing Gemstones?

Numerous gemstones have the capacity to influence our lives both favourably and badly. The wearer’s entire body and mind are also affected by the gemstones, in addition to the wearer’s actions, outcomes, or thoughts.

In order to avoid the negative effects of any gemstone, it is necessary to visit an astrologer for gemstone pandit if you are considering wearing a gemstone for astrological reasons. Knowing whether or not a gemstone is right for you is crucial since its negative effects can be seriously harmful.

However, other gems, including turquoise, jade, onyx, and other stones, may not have strong astrological properties or have negative consequences. As a result, anyone can wear them without an astrologer’s advice.

But still, every gemstone possesses some healing properties that may have a favourable or negative impact on the user. As a result, it is always advised to wear a certain gemstone in accordance with your birth chart and only after visiting a qualified astrologer.

From an astrological standpoint, gemstones like Ruby, Sapphire, Coral, Emerald, etc., are significant and effective. To get better and acceptable results, you must visit a pandit before purchasing or wearing the gemstone.

Things that You Should Watch for Before Wearing a Gemstone

Some other important gemstone recommendations that you should consider are:

  • The most crucial thing to keep in mind when wearing a gemstone is that there shouldn’t be any overnight magical expectations. Wearing a gemstone does not immediately improve your life. The stone merely assists in removing obstacles or giving you the inner power or quality you need to get through them.
  • Birthstones or gemstones should only be worn by persons dealing with persistent issues that do not improve despite continual attempts. A person should prioritise putting in hard work if the issue is temporary or the result of inaction.
  • Only during “Shukla Paksha” should one wear a gemstone (i.e., in the bright half of the moon). Regardless of the stone you choose to wear; you must only do so during the moon’s bright phase.
  • Only one or two hours after sunrise should the stone be worn. The ideal period is from six to eight in the morning. The day should be chosen based on the astrologer’s advice.
  • The stone should need to be able to touch your skin through the ring carrying the stone. There shouldn’t be any excessive tightness or looseness. The ring should not be removed from the finger unless and until it is truly necessary.
  • Before purchasing a gem, one should always seek an accurate gemstone recommendation from an experienced astrologer because these items have the potential to impact one’s life negatively. Strong energy gemstones like blue sapphires (also known as “Neelam”) and yellow sapphires (also known as “Pukhraj”) should be handled with extra care.

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To conclude, we have learned that getting an accurate gemstone recommendation is crucial for your life. This small decision can make or destroy your lifestyle. So it is always suggested to get in touch with the best astrologer who has in-depth knowledge about these gemstones and their workings.

So, if your life is chaotic or you are struggling with persistent problems and are unsure of how to resolve them, get the best gemstone astrology in Hindi, from Pt. Pawan Kaushik. He will help you in every matter he can and help you in making your life peaceful and stress-free.