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Political Astrology

Political Astrology

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Politics is considered a noble profession, which not only brings fame and power to a person; but also gives a chance to serve the people of the country. Apart from excellent communication skills, vision and innovation, a politician also requires favorable planets and stars in order to prosper in the field of politics.

Crucial Houses in politics:

In politics, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th house plays a very crucial role.

  • 1st house: It represents the self-strength and self-control which tests the leader’s patience and endurance during tough circumstances.
  • 2nd house: It represents the power of speech or Vani. A capable politician needs to have the power of tongue in order to connect with the people of the nation.
  • 3rd house: It represents the decision making power and the courage of a person. An aspiring politician must have the courage of taking harsh, yet important decisions in crucial times.
  • 5th house: It is the house of luxuries and comforts. A politician must know that he is the king and must serve the people of his Kingdom.
  • 6th house: It represents the health of a person. A politician needs to incorporate a good diet and discipline for his or her fitness.
  • 9th house: This is the house of fortune and as it is said that ‘Fortune favors the brave’. If a politician is brave and courageous, the fortune will, itself, follow.
  • 10th house: This house represents the fame, power and kingship related to the profession of Politics.

Planets that play an important role in politics:

  • Sun: Sun is the king of Universe! It not only bestows the power to endure any pain, but also masters the native with magical qualities of authority, leadership and alluring people. Sun is said to be the most powerful planet as it has a strong influence on the native’s political career. A person with a strong Sun is bound to rule the world!
  • Jupiter: This planet represents wisdom and maturity. A person with a strong Jupiter can easily reach the heights of success with his wisdom and righteous approach. The importance of Jupiter cannot be ignored in the game of politics.
  • Mars: This is a little troubled planet as it represents war and fights. On the other hand, it also bestows the native with strong spirits of fighting against all odds. Politics is a profession, as well as a battle field, where the strongest survives. A person with strong Mars does not give up, come what may!
  • Moon: Just like The Moon is known to bring calm and soothing light; similarly, it grants ample strength to native to not bow down by stress and worries. Politics is not an easy job. It causes a lot of stress and troubles to the people involved in it. The people with strongly placed moon n their birth chart do not lose their self-control or patience in difficult times. It facilitates the native to maintain his calmness and tranquility.
  • Mercury: This planet is associated with the power of speech. Although very small, but tongue plays a very important role in the field of politics. The native with strongly placed Mercury possesses the capability to lure the audience with his excellent and pleasing communication skills, hence resulting in increased votes. This planet not only rules communication, it also represents coordination, thought processes, beliefs and balanced emotions.
  • Venus: It is the planet of peace and harmony. Its vital role in the game of politics cannot be ignored. If a politician does not know how to maintain peace and harmony with people, he will time and again be stuck in controversies and troubles. People governed by the Planet Venus are intelligent and are capable of maintaining serene environment; hence, ensuring a clean reputation.
  • Saturn: A meek and submissive person makes a failed politician. Most of the times in this harsh field of politics, a person allegedly has to take tough decisions in the interest of the nation and its citizens. Saturn blesses a person with the extreme qualities of being calm yet shrewd, necessary in this profession. It also bestows the native with good administrating skills.
  • Rahu and ketu: These planets are the most significant planets in a politician’s career! Rahu is the planet of control and manipulation and in today’s era, these traits play a major role. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to say that today, corrupts are successful and the wise and honest never reach the top. If favorable, these evil planets help the native win the election and lead to the road success in politics.

The Lucky Zodiacs in politics:

  • Leo: Leos are born to be leaders. They inhibit all the qualities to become a powerful and successful politician. The planets such as Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon resides in the 2nd house while the shrewd planets, Mars and Saturn, are favorably placed in the 11th house; resulting in inevitable success in this field.
  • Cancer: People born under this Zodiac are said to be born politicians. Their Mars resides in the 2nd house which brings them a lot of name and fame in the field of politics.
  • Scorpio: People born under this sun sign are manipulative and get what they want by hook or by crook. They also prove to be successful politicians as their 12th house is ruled by Jupiter and the 4th house by Moon, which indicates political success..

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