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Energy Balance


Astrology is the study of movement of plants and how they leave a deep impact on every aspect of human life. As per the study conducted by an ancient astrologer, the planets have certain energies or vibrations that affect every aspect of our routine life. Such energies must be balanced in order to lead a stress-free and comfortable life.

The Sun

Any individual who is blessed with the energy and power of the sun is bound to be successful and unique. However, if the sun is strongly placed then it bestows the native with over-confidence and he tends to look down on people around him. This is due to the high energy of Sun and one should try to balance their energy by serving other humans as well as animals. Spending a little time with friends can also balance your energies. The natives who lack a strong Sun in their birth-chart tend to suffer from dual personality. They are not very confident, yet they become aggressive. For such natives, it is advised to involve in exercises and a pleasing environment so that their energies can be balanced. One can also get involved in activities such as martial arts that can help them to boost their confidence level to face challenges of life.

The Moon

Moon has a direct connection with our minds. A native with a strong moon is known to have motherly qualities. However, the influence of this strong position depends on how you use it. It results in a prosperous and peaceful life. Any imbalance in the moon can result to mental illness and other health issues. For the people who come across an imbalance in their energies should try to reason their emotions with logic and should channelize them in a positive direction. It is advisable to engage yourself in devotional practices, creative things and live in the present moment instead of worrying about the future or regretting about the past.


Mars symbolizes our passion and fire. This planet can be a strong source of motivation if the native uses it in the right direction. Any imbalance in the energy of this planet can make the native aggressive and lead to lack of self-control. Mars is a physical planet that is why it is advised to indulge in physical activities that can help you in practicing self-control.


Mercury is a planet of mental energy and strongly influences one’s mind. This planet defines the communication and intelligence powers of an individual. This can enhance native’s differentiating ability between right and wrong when used in a constructive way. The high energy of this planet can result in destruction. The native may become victimized and indulge in manipulating activities. It is advised for such people to stay selfless and try to walk on the right path rather than indulging in false practices.


Jupiter is believed to be a spiritual planet that represents self-realization and right acts. This planet guides our intelligence, knowledge and wisdom and its energy can attract a lot of happiness in native’s life. If the native tends to lower down his consciousness, then the supreme planet can change one’s approach towards life. It can make the native egoistic and can trap us in materialistic pleasures to an extent that one may forget to importance of higher consciousness in life. For such natives, it is highly advisable to indulge in a little meditation on a daily basis so that the value of true happiness can be realized.


This planet is related to the heart and represents little joys, pleasures and happiness of life. It is possible for one to achieve this bliss just by purifying their heart. It is advisable for one to avoid taking the energies of Venus to extremes because this can give rise to a never-ending need for pleasure in life that can result to misery. The other side of Venus is divinity. The excessive energy of Venus can be balanced by holding love and compassion for the supreme God and keeping the heart open for the love that surrounds the native.


The Saturn is a powerful planet that helps one to realize that the God is omnipresent and possess supreme power. This planet teaches us the art of self-control and helps the native to realize the importance of his/her inner strength. This planet has the tendency to leave the native alone and make distances from his/her loved ones. This planet may snatch everything one make one devoid of everything they are attached to. That is advised the native is advised to be free from attachments in order to balance the effects of Saturn.

Rahu and Ketu

Eclipse is the position where the Sun, Moon and earth are one after another in the orbit. The Rahu and Ketu are not physical planets but they are the points of these eclipses. Being an invisible and mysterious planet, Rahu is a shadow planet that stands for desires while Ketu stands for positivity. Any disturbance in their energy level can bring destruction and instability. It is crucial to control Ketu’s energies before trying to handle Rahu’s energy properly. A strong Rahu in one’s horoscope signifies fire and ego that never gives rise to a never-ending urge in the native to seek control, success and gratification. It can infuse deception and manipulation in the native. That is why it is important to control these planets. For a native who is affected by these planets is advised to look for a preacher who can help the native in balancing these energies by eliminating ego.

It is important to note that The Moon, The Sun, Rahu and Ketu are considered planets as per astrology even though they are not the same as planets such as Mars and Jupiter.

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