Astrology relies on a number of elements, factors, and real-life interactions in order to understand and chart a path for someone’s ideal life. Despite that, there are some factors that are completely out of Astrology’s hands as well, like how the transition of a planet into a sign will affect us, or how the positioning of a planet in our Navamsa Chart will change our life. For all these events, however, there are other ways to cope.

Gemstones have been a thing of fancy for centuries, but they have also been astrology’s answer to a number of life’s problems. They can bring good luck, stall, avoid, or prevent bad incidents, change destiny, and bring prosperity and success in people’s lives. But how does that work? How do gemstones work in order to change someone’s destiny?

This blog sheds light on how our energies work and how gemstones help us in terms of our energy, in order to change our destiny.

Astrology, Planets, and Energies

Everything in this universe, including us, is made of 5 elements; air, earth, water, fire, and space. These 5 elements are said to have their own energies, thus granting everything their own different levels of energy and characteristics. Astrology works on the principle of these energies and the effects that their interactions have on our lives. But how does it work in us?

At the time of our birth, two very significant events happened;

1. The energies of the 5 elements came together to form our body.

2. The planets, in their positioning at the time of our birth, encoded their energy in the form of our horoscope.

This is why the Navgraha (nine celestial bodies) of astrology affects our lives throughout. Because they have a constant presence in our lives, their energies have an important role to play in our daily life. A retrograde, weak, strong, or maleficent planet can make or break the moments of your life while sending a flurry of different emotions through you.

Astrology, Planets, Energies, and Gemstones

Gemstones are believed to have captured a part of these energies from the Navgraha, which makes them powerful stones to be in possession of. Each and every one of the 9 astrological gemstones is considered to be connected to the 9 planets of astrology, which also makes them rather important features of astrology. How do they work?

Gemstones provide you with that extra nudge or push in order to bring balance to your energies. Without a proper balance in the energies, people begin to face issues with their behaviour and personalities, which eventually leads to issues in life’s decisions and events.

Gemstones have the ability to tap into the energies of the planets and thus provide a person with some relief in the form of an energy balance.

This little push was the thing that your life was lacking before. Without this push, you would have been an angry person, an emotional person, a sad person, or a dreamy person. Gemstones balance the elements and their possession of your controls in order to strike a balance where everyone can live in harmony.

However, with that said, you cannot just put on any gemstone and wish for it to work. There are rules, calculations, and correct understanding of a person’s stars involved before a decision like that is taken. Expert gemstone consultant and well-read in Indian astrology , Pandit Pawan Kaushik has been reading people’s lives and helping them on the right path for 25 years through his work in the field of astrological gemstones. For more information and personalised prediction, get in touch with Pandit Pawan Kaushik by booking an appointment today.