Vahan Muhurat 2024

What is Muhurat?

In simple words, Vahan Muhurat is a special time that is considered very lucky for doing important things. In our Indian culture, we believe that doing important activities like buying a house, getting married, or purchasing a vehicle at the right time brings good luck and success. This special time, or Muhurat, is chosen based on the positions of planets and stars. When we buy a vehicle during a Shubh Muhurat for vehicle purchase, it is believed to bring prosperity, safety, and happiness to our lives. So, before you buy your new car or bike, it’s a good idea to check the Vahan Muhurat 2024 and ensure you pick the right Vahan Muhurat for your purchase.

Benefits of Purchasing Vehicles on Shubh Muhurat

Purchasing a vehicle is a big deal for many of us, whether it’s a car, bike, or even a scooter. Choosing the right time to buy it can make a huge difference. Here are some of the benefits of buying your vehicle on a Shubh Muhurat:

Considering these benefits, it’s always a good idea to consult an astrologer or refer to a reliable Panchang to find the best time to make your purchase.

How to Choose The Right Muhurat For Purchasing Vehicle 

Choosing the right Muhurat for buying a vehicle involves considering several factors to ensure it aligns with celestial and astrological principles. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

By considering these factors, you can select the best time for your vehicle purchase, bringing good fortune and prosperity into your life.

List of Auspicious Days for Vehicle Purchase in 2024

January to December 2024 Muhurat Dates

Here is a detailed list of auspicious dates for purchasing a vehicle in 2024. Each date is selected based on Nakshatra (constellation) and specific timing to ensure the best results.

Vahan Muhurat January 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
3 January, 2024WednesdayHasta Nakshatra07:49 PM07:14 AM, January 4
4 January, 2024ThursdayHasta Nakshatra07:16 AM10:03 PM
7 January, 2024SundayAnuradha Nakshatra10:09 PM12:47 AM, January 8
14 January, 2024SundayDhanishtha Nakshatra07:16 AM07:58 AM
15 January, 2024MondayPurva Bhadrapada Nakshatra07:14 AM08:06 AM
17 January, 2024WednesdayRevati Nakshatra10:07 PM03:32 AM, January 18
21 January, 2024SundayRohini Nakshatra07:12 AM07:25 PM
22 January, 2024MondayMrigashira Nakshatra07:50 PM04:59 AM, January 23
24 January, 2024WednesdayPunarvasu Nakshatra09:48 PM07:12 AM, January 25
25 January, 2024ThursdayPunarvasu Nakshatra07:12 AM07:10 AM, January 26
26 January, 2024FridayPushya Nakshatra07:11 AM10:27 AM
31 January, 2024WednesdayHasta Nakshatra07:09 AM07:11 AM, February 1

Vahan Muhurat  February 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
1 February, 2024ThursdayChitra Nakshatra07:11 AM02:04 PM
2 February, 2024FridaySwati Nakshatra04:01 PM05:56 AM, February 3
4 February, 2024SundayAnuradha Nakshatra05:48 PM07:06 AM, February 5
5 February, 2024MondayJyeshtha Nakshatra07:06 AM07:52 PM
14 February, 2024WednesdayRevati Nakshatra07:02 AM10:42 AM
18 February, 2024SundayRohini Nakshatra08:14 AM06:56 AM, February 19
19 February, 2024MondayMrigashira Nakshatra06:56 AM10:34 AM
21 February, 2024WednesdayPunarvasu Nakshatra11:25 AM06:53 AM, February 22
22 February, 2024ThursdayPushya Nakshatra06:53 AM01:22 PM
29 February, 2024ThursdayChitra Nakshatra06:46 AM06:48 AM, March 1

Vahan Muhurat  March 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
1 March, 2024FridaySwati Nakshatra06:45 AM12:47 PM
3 March, 2024SundayAnuradha Nakshatra08:43 AM03:42 PM
8 March, 2024FridayShravana Nakshatra06:37 AM09:56 PM
15 March, 2024FridayRohini Nakshatra04:07 PM10:08 PM
17 March, 2024SundayMrigashira Nakshatra06:27 AM04:46 PM
20 March, 2024WednesdayPushya Nakshatra06:24 AM10:37 PM
25 March, 2024MondayHasta Nakshatra10:37 AM06:17 AM, March 26
27 March, 2024WednesdaySwati Nakshatra05:05 PM06:14 AM, March 28
28 March, 2024ThursdaySwati Nakshatra06:13 AM06:36 PM
29 March, 2024FridayAnuradha Nakshatra08:35 PM06:14 AM, March 30

Vahan Muhurat  April 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
4 April, 2024ThursdayShravana Nakshatra06:05 AM06:04 AM, April 5
5 April, 2024FridayDhanishtha Nakshatra06:04 AM01:24 PM
12 April, 2024FridayRohini Nakshatra01:10 PM05:57 AM, April 13
15 April, 2024MondayPunarvasu Nakshatra12:10 PM05:55 AM, April 16
21 April, 2024SundayHasta Nakshatra05:06 PM01:10 AM, April 22
24 April, 2024WednesdaySwati Nakshatra05:46 AM12:41 AM, April 25
26 April, 2024FridayAnuradha Nakshatra07:44 AM03:42 AM, April 27

Vahan Muhurat  May 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
1 May, 2024WednesdayShravana Nakshatra05:44 AM04:00 AM, May 2
3 May, 2024FridayShatabhisha Nakshatra05:39 AM12:05 AM, May 4
5 May, 2024SundayRevati Nakshatra07:58 PM05:34 AM, May 6
6 May, 2024MondayRevati Nakshatra05:35 AM02:41 PM
10 May, 2024FridayRohini Nakshatra05:34 AM02:52 AM, May 11
12 May, 2024SundayPunarvasu Nakshatra10:29 AM06:03 AM, May 13
13 May, 2024MondayPunarvasu Nakshatra06:02 AM02:51 AM, May 14
19 May, 2024SundayHasta Nakshatra05:56 AM01:52 PM
20 May, 2024MondayChitra Nakshatra03:59 PM05:54 AM, May 21
23 May, 2024ThursdayAnuradha Nakshatra09:15 AM05:55 AM, May 24
24 May, 2024FridayAnuradha Nakshatra05:54 AM10:11 AM
29 May, 2024WednesdayShravana Nakshatra05:55 AM01:38 PM
30 May, 2024ThursdayShatabhisha Nakshatra11:42 AM05:53 AM, May 31
31 May, 2024FridayPurva Bhadrapada Nakshatra05:55 AM06:12 AM

Vahan Muhurat  June 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
2 June, 2024SundayRevati Nakshatra05:57 AM01:42 AM, June 3
9 June, 2024SundayPunarvasu Nakshatra05:54 AM03:42 PM
10 June, 2024MondayPushya Nakshatra04:15 PM09:42 PM
16 June, 2024SundayHasta Nakshatra05:55 AM05:53 AM, June 17
17 June, 2024MondayChitra Nakshatra05:55 AM05:57 AM
19 June, 2024WednesdayAnuradha Nakshatra05:24 PM05:53 AM, June 20
20 June, 2024ThursdayAnuradha Nakshatra05:52 AM07:48 AM
24 June, 2024MondayShravana Nakshatra03:54 PM01:21 AM, June 25
26 June, 2024WednesdayDhanishtha Nakshatra05:58 AM05:56 AM, June 27
27 June, 2024ThursdayShatabhisha Nakshatra05:58 AM11:37 AM

Vahan Muhurat  July 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
3 July, 2024WednesdayRohini Nakshatra07:11 AM05:53 AM, July 4
14 July, 2024SundayChitra Nakshatra06:02 AM05:23 PM
15 July, 2024MondaySwati Nakshatra07:22 PM12:29 AM, July 16
17 July, 2024WednesdayAnuradha Nakshatra06:05 AM09:11 PM
22 July, 2024MondayShravana Nakshatra06:06 AM01:11 PM
24 July, 2024WednesdayShatabhisha Nakshatra06:08 AM07:31 AM
26 July, 2024FridayRevati Nakshatra02:31 PM11:29 PM
31 July, 2024WednesdayRohini Nakshatra06:11 AM03:54 PM

Vahan Muhurat  August 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
2 August, 2024FridayPunarvasu Nakshatra10:58 AM10:25 PM
9 August, 2024FridayHasta Nakshatra06:15 AM06:13 AM, August 10
12 August, 2024MondayVishakha Nakshatra07:56 AM08:32 AM
14 August, 2024WednesdayAnuradha Nakshatra10:22 AM12:15 PM
19 August, 2024MondayShravana Nakshatra06:19 AM05:44 AM, August 20
23 August, 2024FridayRevati Nakshatra10:39 AM07:53 PM
26 August, 2024MondayRohini Nakshatra03:54 PM02:18 AM, August 27
28 August, 2024WednesdayMrigashira Nakshatra06:22 AM03:52 PM
29 August, 2024ThursdayPunarvasu Nakshatra04:40 PM01:36 AM, August 30

Vahan Muhurat  September 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
5 September, 2024ThursdayHasta Nakshatra12:22 PM06:23 AM, September 6
6 September, 2024FridayHasta Nakshatra06:25 AM03:00 PM
8 September, 2024SundaySwati Nakshatra06:25 AM03:30 PM
9 September, 2024MondayAnuradha Nakshatra06:05 PM09:52 PM
15 September, 2024SundayDhanishtha Nakshatra06:11 PM06:28 AM, September 16
16 September, 2024MondayDhanishtha Nakshatra06:28 AM03:11 PM

Vahan Muhurat  October 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
7 October, 2024MondayAnuradha Nakshatra09:48 AM02:26 AM, October 8
13 October, 2024SundayDhanishtha Nakshatra06:38 AM06:34 AM, October 14
16 October, 2024WednesdayRevati Nakshatra08:42 PM06:36 AM, October 17
17 October, 2024ThursdayRevati Nakshatra06:38 AM04:21 PM
21 October, 2024MondayMrigashira Nakshatra06:39 AM05:52 AM, October 22
24 October, 2024ThursdayPushya Nakshatra06:42 AM01:50 AM, October 25
30 October, 2024WednesdayHasta Nakshatra06:45 AM01:50 PM

Vahan Muhurat  November 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
4 November, 2024MondayAnuradha Nakshatra06:47 AM08:05 AM
10 November, 2024SundayShatabhisha Nakshatra09:02 PM06:52 AM, November 11
11 November, 2024MondayShatabhisha Nakshatra06:52 AM09:42 AM
13 November, 2024WednesdayRevati Nakshatra01:02 PM03:12 AM, November 14
17 November, 2024SundayMrigashira Nakshatra09:07 PM06:54 AM, November 18
18 November, 2024MondayMrigashira Nakshatra06:56 AM03:48 PM
20 November, 2024WednesdayPunarvasu Nakshatra06:56 AM06:56 AM, November 21
21 November, 2024ThursdayPushya Nakshatra06:58 AM03:34 PM
28 November, 2024ThursdaySwati Nakshatra07:01 AM07:04 AM, November 29
29 November, 2024FridaySwati Nakshatra07:06 AM08:34 AM

Vahan Muhurat December 2024

DateDayNakshatraStart TimeEnd Time
5 December, 2024ThursdayShravana Nakshatra05:28 PM07:08 AM, December 6
6 December, 2024FridayShravana Nakshatra07:06 AM07:07 AM, December 7
8 December, 2024SundayShatabhisha Nakshatra09:45 AM04:02 PM
11 December, 2024WednesdayRevati Nakshatra07:12 AM11:49 AM
15 December, 2024SundayMrigashira Nakshatra07:15 AM02:23 AM, December 16
18 December, 2024WednesdayPushya Nakshatra07:13 AM10:07 AM
23 December, 2024MondayHasta Nakshatra09:10 AM05:58 PM
25 December, 2024WednesdayChitra Nakshatra07:19 AM07:20 AM, December 26
26 December, 2024ThursdaySwati Nakshatra07:20 AM06:06 PM

These dates are carefully selected to ensure you have the best and most auspicious times for purchasing your vehicle in 2024.

Special Auspicious Days

Certain days in the Hindu calendar are considered highly auspicious for purchasing a vehicle. These days are chosen based on their cultural and astrological significance. Here are some of the most favorable days for buying a vehicle:

Akshaya Tritiya

Vasant Panchami

Gudi Padwa



By choosing these special days for your vehicle purchase, you can ensure that your new vehicle brings positive energy, success, and happiness into your life.


Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Vehicle

Buying a vehicle is a significant investment, and there are several important factors to consider to ensure the process goes smoothly and brings positive outcomes. Here are some general tips to keep in mind:

By following these tips and considering astrological factors, you can ensure a positive and successful vehicle buying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Which nakshatra is good for vehicle purchase?
The nakshatras or lunar mansions considered auspicious for vehicle purchases in 2024 include Ashwini, Pushya, Mrigashira, Chitra, Hasta, Anuradha, Swati, Revati, Uttarashada, and Uttarabhadrapada. These nakshatras are believed to bring positive energy and favorable outcomes when making significant investments like buying a vehicle.

Q.2 Which day is good for vehicle purchase?
While the perfect day to buy vehicles might depend on individual birth charts, commonly accepted auspicious days for vehicle purchases are Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali, Vasant Panchami, Rath Yatra, Gudi Padwa, and Dussehra. These days are culturally significant and are considered very lucky for new beginnings and investments.

Q.3 Can we buy a vehicle on Saturday?
Saturday is usually not considered an auspicious day for vehicle purchases as it is associated with Saturn or Shani, which is believed to bring delays and obstacles. However, if an astrologer suggests that Saturday is favorable based on your individual horoscope, it might be considered appropriate.

Q.4 When should I buy a car, as per astrology?
You should consider the vehicle purchase muhurat as per your birth date and horoscope. Expert astrologers, like the best astrologer in India, Pawan Kaushik, can analyze your birth chart and suggest the most auspicious date and time for your particular situation to ensure positive outcomes.

Q.5 What is the best time to buy a car, according to astrology?
Factors involved in considering the shubh muhurat for vehicle purchase include the birth chart and the position of celestial bodies. Special days like Vasant Panchami, Akshaya Tritiya, and Rath Yatra are also considered auspicious and can be chosen without consulting an astrologer. However, personalized guidance is always better for specific situations.

Q.6 Which Horai is good for buying a vehicle?
Horai or Hora is a unit of time associated with various planets. The best Horai for vehicle purchase muhurat in 2024 varies on individual charts. Generally, favorable Horai periods depend on the day’s ruling planet, and an astrologer can provide specific recommendations based on your horoscope.

Q.7 Can we buy a vehicle on Ekadashi?
As per the Hindu Calendar, Ekadashi is a holy day for fasting and conducting spiritual activities. It is generally not considered a good day for buying material possessions. Opt for nakshatras such as Punarvasu, Swati, Dhanishtha, and Shatabhisha, and avoid purchasing during the Rahu Kaal. Consulting with an astrologer can provide more personalized insights for identifying the most auspicious time for vehicle purchase.

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