How to Choose the Right Gemstone?

Gemstones have been used for centuries for their miraculous healing power. They are known to bring incredible positive changes in the lives of many. Gems can take one from rags to riches and bring

  • 08/02/2024
  • 1.933K Reads
  • 3 min read

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Gemstone Astrology: Your Personal Map to Planetary Influences

Do you ever wonder about the cosmic forces that shape our lives? Have you considered wearing a gemstone and feeling a new positive energy in your life? Well, it’s true. Pt Pawan Kaushik, the

  • 06/02/2024
  • 976 Reads
  • 3 min read

Gemstones and Their Influence on Marriage and Relationships

Marriage is a journey of companionship, love, and mutual understanding. We can understand this with an example: imagine a couple celebrating their golden anniversary and still loving each other just

  • 02/02/2024
  • 556 Reads
  • 3 min read

A Journey into Gemstone Astrology

Gemstones have fascinated humans for centuries, not just for their beautiful charm but also for their mystical properties. One fantastic aspect of gemstones is their connection to astrology, where

  • 30/11/2023
  • 615 Reads
  • 3 min read

The Healing Power Of Gemstones

Kings and Queens wore gemstones in the ancient age to show their royal nature and kingship. However, slowly and gradually, it was discovered that pieces of precious stones were valuable both

  • 20/11/2023
  • 586 Reads
  • 4 min read

Who Should Wear a Neelam Stone?

Gemstones have always been of great importance in Indian astrology. The gems are collectively known as the “navaratna” and are tied to the 9 heavenly bodies that are perceived to influence human

  • 29/08/2023
  • 1.596K Reads
  • 4 min read

How To Bless, Cleanse & Activate Gemstone?

We all get attracted to the allure of gemstones. But we need to bless, cleanse, and activate our gemstones before wearing them. To regather the gemstone’s energy and ward off the bad effect, we

  • 27/01/2023
  • 2.019K Reads
  • 7 min read

Why Should We Not Wear Gemstones without Astrological Consultation?

Many of us are aware of the strong connections between the planets, energies, and gemstones. They have long been regarded as the most incredible and miraculous means of improving our lives and

  • 04/01/2023
  • 2.101K Reads
  • 9 min read

Cat’s Eye

The Cat’s eye, Lehsunia or Vaiduria is a gemstone that represents the planet of Ketu as per astrology. According to the sacred texts, two color variants of the stone are to strengthen or pacify the

  • 28/07/2021
  • 1.305K Reads
  • 1 min read

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