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The right and auspicious time of doing things hold really high importance in the Indian culture, which is why we often refer to the Panchang. It is the representation of our daily calendar dates in Vedic Astrology terms. Check out today’s Panchang right here for knowing which time suits you better

Date 26/03/2023 20:15:35
Place Delhi, Delhi, India
Latitude 028.40.N
Longitude 077.13.E
Time Zone -5:30

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Panchang for 26/03/2023 06:19:22 (Sun Rise Time)
Tithi Shukla Paksh 5 (Panchami) 26/03/2023 16:33:10 Next Tithi- Shukla Paksh 6 (Shashthi)
Day Sunday
Nakshatra Krittika 26/03/2023 14:00:23 Next Nak- Rohini
Karan Balava 26/03/2023 16:33:10 Next Karan- Kaulava
Karan Kaulava 27/03/2023 04:55:12 Next Karan- Taitila
Yoga Priti 26/03/2023 23:30:52 Next Yoga- Ayushman
Mon Sign Taurus 5.53' 28/03/2023 04:24:43 Next Sign- Gemini
Sun Rise 06:19:22 Sun Set 18:35:45
Rahu Kaal 17:03 18:35

Day Udveg Chal Laabh Amrit Kaal Shubh Rog Udveg
06:19 07:51 09:23 10:55 12:27 13:59 15:31 17:03
Night Shubh Amrit Chal Rog Kaal Laabh Udveg Shubh
18:35 20:03 21:31 22:59 24:26 25:54 27:22 28:50

Day Sun Ven Mer Mon Sat Jup Mar Sun Ven Mer Mon Sat
06:19 07:20 08:22 09:23 10:24 11:26 12:27 13:28 14:30 15:31 16:32 17:34
Night Jup Mar Sun Ven Mer Mon Sat Jup Mar Sun Ven Mer
18:35 19:34 20:32 21:31 22:29 23:28 24:26 25:25 26:24 27:22 28:21 29:19

* Above timings are the starting time of choghadia or hora .
* Time more then 23.59 Hr. means the next day (deduct 24 Hrs. from the time).

Get Free Hindu Panchangam Online

Get daily free panchang to know the auspicious timings of the day so you can plan all your activities according to the right Muhurat. Following the principles of Vedic Astrology, this free online panchang for today will tell you the correct tithi, auspicious and inauspicious timings, Moon Sign, Sun Sign, and Rahu Kaal of the day. Used by astrologers for thousands of years to get the accurate information of the time, date, and day to acquire the right Kaal or time duration to perform any function throughout the day. Whether you are thinking of beginning a new business, tying the knot, getting rid of any negative impact in your life, or to ward off unnecessary struggles in a day, this online panchangam will help you in all manners you need it to.

In our culture, no work is done without seeing today’s panchang, which is why this online panchang is the way to keep track of all important times and dates. When an individual goes through their life, their planets and energies try to create harmony with their environment. Every interaction that they have either sits well with the energies or don’t. This is where the daily panchang comes in as it helps people understand the right time to invest their energies into something. To understand the panchang better and get accurate details on how it will affect you, get in touch with an expert astrologer like Pt. Pawan Kaushik today.


Q. How many Tithi are there in Panchang?

There are 30 Tithis in a Panchang, 15 each for both the cycles of the moon. When you read the online Panchang, you will notice that the Tithi will either state the Krishna Paksha (waning moon) or Shukla Paksha (waxing moon).

Q. What does different Choghadia depicts?

: Choghadia depicts a section of time made up of 96 minutes where certain activities can be performed or should be avoided at all costs. To help you get the right idea of the right timings for free, today’s Panchang will be the best thing to check for you in your everyday life.

Q. I don’t understand time such as 25:29:03+, Explain?

Any time that is mentioned above the 23:59 hours means that the timing extends to the next day. This would mean that 25:29:03 on this online panchangam would mean 1 hour, 29 minutes and 3 seconds into the next day.

Q. Which Choghadia is best to perform auspicious things?

Amrut, Shubh and Labh are considered to be the best chogadiya. Char is also a good chogadiya. But you must avoid doing anything auspicious in Udveg, Kal and Rog Chogadiya.