Choosing the Right Gemstone

Gemstones have been used for centuries for their miraculous healing power. They are known to bring tremendous positive changes in the life of many. Gems can take one from rags to riches, bring good health, fortune, prestige and whatnot. But how to know which gems to wear? Many of us wear them on the basis of Moon Sign (Rashi) or Sun Sign. But is it really the right approach to choose the gem?

Wearing a gem based on Rashi, Sun Sign or dasha is not a wise idea. While it may suit you, there is no surety that it definitely will. For example: If your Rashi is Gemini and ascendant is Virgo, then there is no problem in wearing an Emerald (Panna). But what if your Rashi is Gemini but it is the 8th zodiac sign in your horoscope? In this case, Emerald can give entirely adverse results.

Determining the correct gemstone is not a straight-forward task. Which gemstone suits you is decided by several parameters. These include time period, zodiac signs, nakshatras, placement of all the 9 planets and some other factors too. Apart from determining the gems which suit you, the sequence of wearing them is also important. As you can see, the calculations involved in the process are quite complex. It is better to leave the task of deciding the gem to a learned astrologer in India. Pt. Pawan Kaushik, one of the best astrologers in Delhi NCR, is renowned for his proficiency in gemstones and has helped many find stability and security in career, relationships, wealth and life. Consult him today and he can help you reap the beneficial effects of the amazing science of Gemstone Therapy.