role of astrology in the matchmaking process

Have you ever wondered why getting an astrological reading from No. 1 astrologer in India is the first and most important step before fixing a marriage? The answer to your question is- families consider all relevant factors before approving a marriage proposal.

Astrology aids in understanding how a partner’s presence affects the other person. The boy and girl’s horoscopes or birth charts are examined by the best astrologer in India before marriage. And he offers astrological matchmaking guidance based on the Dasha, or durations of the planets.

Why Is Astrology Important In Matchmaking?

People recommend astrology to determine their compatibility with one another. Matchmaking enables them to lead happy lives after marriage. Additionally, if one partner’s planets have a negative influence, the other’s favorable planet placement will guide them in the right direction under the guidance of the best Vedic astrologer in India.

Since ancient times, Kundli matching has been regarded as one of the most crucial elements of Indian marriages. Especially (if many modernists downplay the significance of this rite) astrology has a strong foundation to support the idea that matchmaking is an essential step before tying the knot.

With the aid of matchmaking, many facets of marital life can be predicted and issues avoided. Vedic astrology strongly advises matchmaking to prevent any significant issues in the future.

What Happens in Matchmaking?

Matchmaking is also known as Kundli matching. In order to determine the compatibility of the pair in question on both a mental and physical level, Kundli matching is the key step in astrology for matchmaking.

The best Vedic astrologer in India checks the horoscope charts of the prospective bride and groom. Through this process, you’ll know whether your marriage will be fruitful or not. The primary objective of Kundli matching is ashta-koota matching, which takes into account 36 points from both horoscopes.

Why Guna Matching Is Important?

The Expert Astrologer in India calculates eight Gunas or Ashtakoots based on the specifics of the bride and groom’s birth or horoscope. The compatibility of these eight Gunas, when compared with name and date of birth, provides information regarding the likelihood that a marriage will be successful. These attributes are:

guna matching in kundli


The first characteristic contrasts the bride and groom’s Varna or caste. The Varna of the bride should be more than or equal to that of the groom. This aspect also highlights the mental compatibility between the two.


When comparing traits, such as name and birthdate, these traits can be used to predict who will rule and exert the most influence.


The stars of the bride and groom are compared to determine their birth nakshatra, which indicates how good their relationship is.


This characteristic can help identify whether two people will be compatible romantically.

Gruha Maitri

By comparing the characteristics of domestic friendship, it is possible to detect the intellectual and intellectual relationship between a prospective pair.


The alignment of both partners, like personalities, behaviors, and attitudes, is partly determined by this attribute.


After marriage, financial security and family harmony are referred to as Bhakoot guna, and how the groom’s career develops with the bride after the wedding is decided.


According to the name and birthdate, this guna receives the highest ratings and is the most significant attribute when comparing different Kundli. It discusses a family’s existence after marriage as a whole. This quality also determines birth and reproductive disorders.

The Expert Astrologer in India uses these gunas to identify marriage obstacles and suggests the best course of action to overcome them. You will all have a few matchmaking questions, now that you are aware of it. Here are some typical inquiries and their answers:

What happens if the Gun-Milan is low?

Gun Milan represents only 20% of the total Kundli Milan. Even if Ashtakoot Milan has a low score, additional thorough matching must still be done. Numerous marriages have succeeded while having low Asthkoot matches, and numerous marriages have failed despite having high Ashtakoot points.

What if the marriage happens without Kundli Milan?

Assume the horoscopes were compatible if everything in the marriage is going nicely. One can seek post-marriage Astro-counselling if there are issues. Astro-counseling after a marriage aids reconciliation by teaching tips and techniques for escaping a difficult union. If one cannot administer the healing touch oneself, one should be willing to participate in an Astro-counselling session.

Even if a thorough Kundli Milan indicates “No,” can the marriage still take place and endure?

The marriage should not take place, ideally. However, the go-ahead for marriages can be given in specific situations when the partners do not pose a life-threatening threat to one another. In these situations, the intended couple should apply the full pre-marriage Astro-counselling. The horoscope determines the practical karmic procedures, which are then taught to the engaged couple. The likelihood of the marriage enduring increases if these strategies are used.

Is Kundli Milan important for a second marriage as well?

Yes, even more than for the first marriage, Kundli Milan is crucial for future marriages. The native has unavoidably activated the separation yoga in their horoscope by ending their first or previous marriage. Matchmaking must be done in order to avoid upsetting their recently wed couple.

Role of Astrology In The Matchmaking Process

By matching your Kundli, astrology can greatly assist you in finding the right life partner. The compatibility of the kundlis of the prospective bride and groom can indicate whether or not their union will be successful. An ideal number of gunas will match when comparing two people that are astrologically compatible.

When comparing two people who are astrologically compatible, the optimal quantity of gunas will match. When comparing two horoscopes, the Ashtakoota, or eight sides of each Kundli, are taken into consideration. Group, Vashya, Town, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, and Nadi are the eight listed aspects. Every aspect is given points, or gunas, which total three and six.

Relationship Predictions

Horoscope can predict if a marriage will be successful for the two people involved or not. Another benefit is that it aids in determining compatibility, which is one of the key elements of a successful wedding. In order to understand the challenges and rewards of a specific union, bridal couples have depended on these prophecies since ancient times. This impacts whether or not the pair would treat one another with respect and equality.

Significance Of The Zodiac

Zodiac signs are the primary factors in horoscope compatibility. Many people hold the opinion that two zodiac signs must complement one another for a wedding to proceed. There have been instances in the past that suggest weddings that go ahead against the horoscope would subsequently experience stressful circumstances. Usually, zodiac signs are determined by the location of the planets and the stars. Vedic tradition also holds that a shift in these placements may have an effect on a person’s choices and way of life.

Is Online Horoscope Matching Correct?

An online Kundli analysis cannot be used to complete the comprehensive horoscope matching process known as Kundli matching by name and date of birth. Recognize all the elements that correspond in a thorough marriage horoscope:

A long, happy, and profitable marriage is ensured by horoscope matching for a marriage that follows Vedic astrology guidelines. But why do so many couples who fit the marriage horoscopes have marital problems? What is the problem? Has the horoscope matching made a mistake and cannot adapt to the changing times, or is there another reason?

The issue is the heavy reliance on online horoscope matching and the acceptance and use of online Kundli analysis results without contacting a professional marriage astrologer. It would be like attempting to interpret a CT scan without the aid of a trained medical professional.

Find Your Right One, Through Matchmaking

Free kundli milan

Can we rely on online horoscope matching?

Most Astro-marriage websites include Kundli software that provides Ashtakoot Milan outcomes. There is a misperception that the Ashtakoot Milan is sufficient to determine whether or not a marriage alliance will occur.

The findings from Kundli software on an internet horoscope matching platform are only a main indicator; a professional marriage astrologer who performs the Kundli matching by name and date of birth must always be consulted before making a final decision.

The charts check all the aforementioned points, aside from the Ashtakoot Milan. Only at that point is the horoscope-matching compatibility revealed. Online horoscope matching should not be considered when making a final marriage decision because no marriage horoscope calculator can account for the abovementioned factors.

Furthermore, it is improper to practice for people to reject certain matches because they have low Ashtakoot points. After all, even a match with low Ashtakoot Milan points can turn out to be an excellent one.

What Function Will Pseudoscience Serve in Indian Matchmaking?

In the process of finding partners, astrology is especially important for Hindu marriages. The positions of the celestial bodies and their impact on people’s lives help produce all of these crucial decisions, from picking the right partner to matching the gunas to setting the date and time of marriage.

Our lives and destinies will be significantly impacted by the locations of the heavenly bodies. Therefore, taking into account the Astrology aspects becomes vital throughout the marriage matchmaking process.

Do Love Marriages Require The Role of Astrology?

When the prospective spouses are strangers to one another, it is vital to examine the ashta-koota compatibility. The compatibility of their natures, sexual prowess, attitudes, and tendencies are matched as part of Kundli matching to see if they make good mates. When two individuals fall in love, they reunite and spend a lot of time getting to know one another.

Due to the aforementioned factors, Kundli matching is rarely necessary once a mutual understanding has been reached. The longevity, likelihood of divorce, likelihood of being betrayed, and likelihood of having children are the only factors to be taken into account when matching the horoscopes of romantic partners.

Beyond all of these factors, kundli matching scarcely makes sense if both spouses decide to get married despite all obstacles and difficulties.

Astrology’s Role In Finding Cures

Occasionally, during the Kundli matchmaking process, something that is mismatched appears. With an astrology app that allows you to connect with experienced astrologers in this situation, you may easily find appropriate answers or treatments to correct the mismatched elements in the Kundli.

A knowledgeable astrologer might suggest specific remedies, such as performing particular pujas, carrying a particular gemstone, and so on, that may help lessen the negative impacts of the doshas in the kundli.

People’s attitudes on astrology differ from one another. And each person chooses a horoscope to match marriage for a different purpose. Some may be considering getting remarried, while others may be getting married later in life. However, the idea that compatibility is essential for a relationship to develop and grow still stands.

How To Mitigate The Negative Effects Of A Bad Astrological Match In Love Marriages?

Depending on your own anushthana Bala (meritorious deeds), remedies, and spiritual sadhana (spiritual practices), you can avoid the effects of a bad Kundli match in love marriage. Allow your free will to run its course and have faith in fate. Successful marriages can be attained via persistent attempts to understand your partner through time and going above and beyond to satisfy the requirements of the other person.

Why Pawan Kaushik?

Make an appointment with Pt. Pawan Kaushik, the top astrologer in India, if you are thinking about getting married but having trouble finding the right match. With his extensive expertise in astrology, gemstones, matchmaking, and Vaastu, he is assisting individuals. He is well-known in the astrology community due to his expertise, reliability, and skills.

Pt. Pawan Kaushik is available for online sessions as well. He has been working in this industry for 25 years, and his clients include well-known politicians and celebrities. His esteemed abilities include knowing and understanding your life hurdles carefully.

Astrological forecasts are useful for predicting the future and thoroughly examining a person’s nature, behavior, and destiny. Matchmaking is crucial in marriage since it allows you to determine a couple’s compatibility by looking at their Kundli.


Kundli matching can aid in the conclusion of marriages when all other factors, besides the horoscope, are favorable. Reputable astrologers have specialized answers for these situations, known as upayas in astrological terminology. The negative and harmful impacts of mismatched kundlis can be lessened by using specific upayas.

The expert astrologer in India may advise some particular Puja for a blissful and wealthy married life once the Kundali matches. These pujas could also be recommended for kundlis that are harmoniously suited in order to strengthen the connection. Even after marriage, during later periods like some unexpected financial or health challenges, kundalis are still necessary. In these circumstances, the number one astrologer in India determines whether some unexpected or unwelcome movement of a specific star or planet is creating an ill effect

Vedic astrology places a strong emphasis on the value of Kundli Milan for a happy and fulfilling marital life. Before entering into the long-term institution known as marriage, Kundli matching by a renowned and experienced astrologer is a need since it is thought that a person’s nature and future may be predicted through their horoscope.