What are the 36 Gunas (Characteristics) in Kundali According to Astrology?

Marriages in India, especially in Hindus, are still performed according to the customary traditions, considering the 36 Gunas or characteristics. It is a custom that has been practiced since time immemorial. The Kundalis of two people are matched to know whether their marriage will be successful or not based on the number of Gunas that are matched. The 36 Gunas that are compared in the marriage are listed below. There are a total of 8 categories under which these Gunas are classified. Each category, are assessed on the basis of points assigned to them, eight being maximum and 0 being minimum.

  • Nadi (8 Points) : Naadi is the category that is most important amongst all as it is said to determine the ability of the couple to have children. Nadi is further divided into three groups, i.e., Antya, Madhya, and Adhya. If the couple has the same Nadi, then it is considered an unsuitable match.
  • Bhakoot (7 points) : A total of 7 points are allotted to this category. Bhakoot signifies a couple’s emotional attachment, connectivity, and understanding. The higher the points the partners gain, the higher is the comparability between them.
  • Gana (6 Points) : All human beings belong to one of the three Ganas, which are DEV, Rakshas, and Manav. These Ganas represent the fundamental nature of an individual. Points are given on the basis of the combinations of these Ganas. A marriage generally fails if the couple’s match is rakshas-dev.
  • Maitri (5 Points) : As the name suggests, this is indicative of the friendly bond that the couple would share and the compatibility of their interests and likings. While 5 refers to the best match, 0 indicates an unsuitable connection.
  • Yoni (4 Points) : This category represents the sexual compatibility between the two individuals.
  • Tara or Deena (3 Points): This is an essential category as it indicates the possibility of widowhood and longevity. If the match in this category is 0, then it is not regarded as good.
  • Vaasya (2 Points) : This category indicates mutual love and affection. The couple will be happy if 2 points are awarded to them.
  • Varna (1 Point) : This category compares the two on the basis of occupational nature. Matchmaking is a tradition and an integral part of Hindu Marriage. However, a marriage is not dependent solely on the Gunas, and there are several other factors which affect married life. For detailed knowledge on matchmaking, consult the best astrologer in Gurgaon , Pandit Pawan Kaushik Ji.