How to Use Vastu To Amplify Your Business

Everyone starts a business with the hope that it will expand and prosper. However, there are times when nothing goes your way, and things don’t turn out as you want them to. Many people are unaware that you can have a Vastu for a commercial building to balance the five elements: earth, sky, air, water, and fire, each component helps your business grow.

These factors interact with one another in both positive and negative ways. We may prosper when Vastu factors are balanced in our professional lives; we must get in touch with the best Vastu consultant in India.

What Do You Mean By Vastu Shastra?

By correctly implementing the Vastu Shastra, you may create a perfect blueprint for your business, which can bring success into your life and aid in the removal of all negative. Vastu shastra is a science that examines all of a location’s architectural principles. It started in India and has now spread to millions of people worldwide.

It has to do with the planning and arrangement of a particular building and ensuring that the environment of everyone living there will be favorable.

The Vastu Shastra concept integrates natural elements and spiritual principles with practical architectural solutions. Vastu Shastra can assist in creating a more attractive and harmonious environment for your workplace. It is to direct the design of your workplace to promote and increase the positive aura and luck.

Importance Of Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra’s principles apply to the building process, including design, layout, dimension, ground preparation, space organization, and spatial geometry.

Vaastu Shastra is currently well-liked all across the world. The universal need for peace and harmony, which Vaastu Shastra uses in business construction and design, is meant to bring along promises of good health, riches, and happiness in life.

Vaastu principles have a significant positive impact on your living status and problem solutions. Building your workplace or factory following Vastu Shastra consultancy produces effective results. Today, workspace design incorporates this original yet fundamental knowledge of directions and materials.

So How Can Vastu Really Bring Business Success and Good Fortune?

The answer is pretty simple! The competition in every industry is increasing. As a result, your company might also be dealing with several issues. To top it off, if your firm isn’t growing, it might cause emotional stress, which can contribute to illness.

Many factors, such as a lack of resources, lack of money for rotational spending, a lack of workers, increased competition, and many others, are to blame for your company’s lack of profitability or growth. But did you realize that there’s another “silent” reason why your firm isn’t flourishing besides fierce competition and these obstacles?

It is an energy bottleneck in your office or factory. And faulty Vastu is the source of it. So all you have to do is correctly balance nature’s laws and elements after consulting the best Vastu consultant in India.

Before moving further, let’s know more about what Vastu means and how much influence it can have on our energy and workspace. The Vastu shastra consultancy’s advice can help your company expand in a sustainable and unthinkable way.

How Does Vastu Shastra Benefit in Amplifying Your Business?

The ancient Indian civilization has gifted the world with many beneficial sciences and practices like yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, etc. Vastu Shastra is another example of the sheer genius of our ancestors. Here are some benefits of Vastu shastra Consultancy:

  • Building your workplace following Vastu principles boosts your company’s fortunes. The five components will create harmony in your company if they are balanced.
  • Vastu Shastra has many principles, and understanding them is necessary to understand their powerful effects. You will notice several benefits once you know their concepts and start making minor modifications in your workplace.
  • Vastu Shastra strives to use principles and methods to align geometric patterns, symmetry, and directions in your workplace to maximize the advantages of the beneficial energies of nature.
  • Vastu Shastra uses the characteristics of all five elements, magnetic fields, directional positioning, and the gravitational pull of the earth and the entire galaxy to eliminate the evil eye from your business.
  • The earth element represents geomagnetic energy, whereas water, wind, fire, and sun represent gravitational, solar, and wind energies. The five elements are coupled with their corresponding ideal directions. Water and air in the northeast, space in the center, fire in the southeast, and earth in the southwest.
  • Vastu Shastra optimizes your business for its intended use. Vastu-compliant dwellings integrate the five natural components with the science of directions to create the most valuable space for you to grow.

13 Vastu Shastra Tips You Should Follow to Improve Your Business

Vastu Shastra prescribes specific guidelines for ground preparation, design, layout, and other elements necessary for harmonious living. Although there aren’t any hard-and-fast laws for designing and building, Vastu explains the finest options and layouts to deliver the building’s owner the most prosperity and success possible. Therefore, it would be best if you kept in mind a few Vastu principles to ensure the success and growth of your company.

Following the below Vastu for business tips will provide the greatest outcomes for your business:

1. The Prefered Direction Is Southwest

In an office building, the owner’s room should face the Southwestern direction, and they should sit in his office facing the Northern direction. Behind the company owner’s desk, there must be a solid wall, not a glass building or window.

2. Focus On The Front Door

The north, west, and northeast directions are typically thought to attract a lot of good energy. Therefore, it is always advised that an office’s main entrance be located preferably in one of these directions. However, keep in mind that the office’s primary entrance should never, under any circumstances, be blocked from the free flow of energy.

3. The Office’s Reception

The reception room of an office is one of the busiest places because it is where guests are welcomed. Undoubtedly, this is a tranquil place with a lot of good vibes. The office’s greeting area would face east or northeast in a perfect world. Visitors should feel relaxed and at ease in the office thanks to the comfortable seating arrangement.

4. The Administrative Centre

According to Vastu shastra consultancy, an office’s central area should be closed and uncluttered for successful business operations. It would contribute to the business’s overall prosperity. A lounge or indoor garden would significantly increase profitability if built in the centre of the office building. It offers the most significant space for the office staff to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee between their busy schedules.

5. The Staff Member’s Seating Arrangements

Employee workstations and desks should be well-designed and ergonomically sound. Also, the seating arrangement should be such that they face the east or the Northern direction to increase their overall productivity.

6. Section of Accounting

The employees handling funds and money should be seated in the Southeastern section of the building. The East or North should be their facing direction.

7. Increasing the Company’s Revenue

The marketing team should be located in the Northwest section of the workplace because it is their job to increase sales and the bottom line of the concerned company. It is thought that every firm will grow and be financially strong if it faces the northwest. According to Vastu’s advice for company success, this workplace area is thought to be free from harmful influences.

8. Profit-Generating Business Meetings

The best direction for the conference room in your office is the Northwest. An office’s conference or meeting room should be constructed to make it easy for people to hold productive meetings and conversations there.

9. Mitigate Business Risks and Conflicts

When risks are reduced, and new orders keep rolling in, a business expands tremendously. Additionally, there should be minimum payment delays. The northern orientation of an office should not have any such components as fire. Never use a solid scarlet colour on your office’s walls facing north. The construction of a kitchen or pantry in this part of an office is also prohibited.

10. Prefer furniture in Rectangular Form

According to Vastu Shastra consultancy, you should arrange your workstation furniture in a rectangle or square shape. However, if you want to maximize the amount of positive energy at the workstation, you should avoid placing irregularly shaped or L-shaped desks.

11. Continuous Cash Flow

The Southwestern side of the office space is the greatest place for a locker or safe where money and sensitive documents can be kept if an office wants to have one. The safe or locker door should open towards the north, so make sure of that.

12. Area of Pooja

The northeastern corner of the office building is the greatest location to construct a Pooja room if an office wants to have a separate area for Pooja.

13. Washrooms

The washrooms and toilets are believed to be associated with negative or bad energy. They should be preferably built in the Southwestern or Northeastern direction of an office building.

Following the above proven Vastu tips for business would surely bring in a considerably positive change in your business and you would witness success and prosperity in whichever business you are involved in.

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After reading the complete essay, we now understand what Vastu Shastra is and why Vastu Shastra Consultancy is crucial for your business. Consulting the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon can balance your aura – which leads to positive growth of your business.