buddha purnima across the globe how different cultures honor this day

If you’re someone who is inclined toward spirituality or wants to explore the spiritual world, you’re on the right blog. The path from being a human to a Buddha (Nirvana) is greatly reflected in the journey of Siddhartha Gautam. He lived the life of a sage that inspires generations even today and teaches lessons to make lives better. The Buddha Purnima signifies the wholesomeness of everything in nothingness, and millions across the globe revere the day.

Where And When Was Gautam Buddha Born?

Prince Siddharta Gautam was born and raised in the serene area of Lumbini in 623 BC. The place is situated in southern Nepal, in the Terai Plains. His mother, Maya Devi, birthed him during her visit to his ancestral home. His father was King Suddhodana.

What is Buddha Purnima?

Buddha Purnima is a special day for all the devotees of Lord Gautam Buddha. The auspicious day witnessed the birth, salvation, and departure from the mortal world of the Buddha. It’s not a coincidence, but a mark of faith regarding how far a human can excel. The pious day of Purnima (full moon day) was chosen for all the important days of his life.

The day is also called Vesak, Vaishak (Hindu calendar), or Buddha Jayanti, which commemorates Mahasamadhi. It’s primarily celebrated by followers of Buddhism or Buddhists.

How And Why is Buddha Purnima Celebrated?

People who are devotees of Lord Buddha wish to emulate the path, preachings, and teachings offered by him. The day is celebrated to reminisce about all the good deeds he practiced during his lifetime and to remember how they changed the lives of people for the better back then.

With great enthusiasm and fervor, the devotees organize several charity events, decorate their homes, visit temples, carry out processions, and do chantings.

How Does It Feel On Buddha Purnima?

The entire atmosphere is imbued with the dawn of spirituality. Everyone tries to look within and rise beyond worldly materials. The feeling is surreal and provides eternal relaxation to all devotees and people looking to walk on the path of enlightenment. Each individual may have different experiences when they meditate, depending on their growth as a spiritual person.

Why is Buddha Purnima So Significant?

The day of Buddha Purnima holds high significance and regard because it unites Buddhists globally. They rejoice in the day and take a vow to be the best version of humanity by seeking enlightenment. People also reflect on their past karmas, thoughts, and desires and emphasize compassion, peace, and affection.

How Do Different Cultures Honor The Day of Buddha Purnima?

The festival of Buddha Purnima is celebrated mostly in Asian countries, including India, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and others. All nations have myriad customs and traditions. While India is a Hindu nation, the holy land of Bodh Gaya is located there. It is a place where Gautam Buddha attained Nirvana. So, people from several nations come to this place and pay their obeisance on the day.

Also, every country has its own peculiar traditions for worship. For example, the customs and methods of South Koreans are different from those of Buddhists living in Sri Lanka. It is because of the landscape, culture, and people. One is located in the north of Asia, while the other is in the south. The geographical conditions, living standards, and thought process work as differentiators. However, the core of reverence for the Lord Buddha remains the same for all devotees.

Moreover, a Buddha devotee residing in India would visit important places for pilgrimage, and most Buddhists avoid eating meat during the day. Japanese adorn statues with beautiful flowers and bathe them with flower juice. Interestingly, in Thailand, people congregate in temples and do chanting. Meanwhile, in South Korea, people light lotus lanterns and distribute food as a good omen. And in China, there are pagodas where people find solace in the aroma of incense, lanterns, and candles.

Similarly, people in Bhutan, Tibet, and Myanmar decorate their temples and spread the message of happiness. So, the difference is significant in celebrations.

Interestingly, His Holiness Dalai Lama, the revered saint of Buddhism, resides here in McLeodganj, India. He has been residing here since his exile from China. It has been decades. So, India has its own deep and divine connection with Gautam Buddha.

Is Buddha Purnima A National Holiday?

Buddha Purnima is known by different names, and many countries offer national holidays to their citizens.

India:– The holiday is gazetted here in the name of Buddha Purnia, or Vesak. It is designated to organize several events and celebrations on the day.

Thailand: The day is marked with religious celebrations, and people enjoy their holiday. They indulge in acts of kindness.

Cambodia:- The festival is called Visak Bochea, which is a public holiday. People celebrated it by performing cultural activities.

Singapore: It’s a Buddhist holiday in the country known as Vesak Day, which is enjoyed with regional rituals.

Nepal: The country is the birthplace of the Buddha. The holiday is inevitable here on Buddha Jayanti. So celebrations are humongous and exude great pleasure to those participating in them.

Laos: The ceremonies here are larger than life during Buddha Purnima due to the course of the public holiday.

Malaysia: There’s a significant Buddhist population residing in the country. Thus, a national holiday is provided to people who celebrate it with complete devotion.

Is Buddha Purnima A Bank Holiday?

Yes, it is a bank holiday in many North and South Asian countries, given the population of Buddhists in those nations.


The importance of Buddha Purnima is unspeakable and unquestionable. The celebration of the day has evolved over the centuries, but the moot essence has remained the same. The principles of Gautam Buddha are the backbone of Buddhist communities globally. And someone who wants to have a deep spiritual awakening on the important day of Buddha Purnima, astrologer Pawan Kaushik, can help them achieve pinnacle. Happy Buddha Purnima, everyone.