Sharad Purnima is observed as a harvest festival on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Ashwin that marks the end of monsoons. It is believed that the moon shines in its brightest form on Sharad Purnima, making it a highly significant day. The moon is said to shine with all its 16 kalas and it showers nectar (amrit) through its rays, which have certain healing properties to nourish your body and soul. The night is also considered effective to cure chronic diseases like asthma.

Sharad Purnima Tithi Begins at 1:47 a.m. on 5th October, 2017
Ends at 12:09 a.m. on 6th October, 2017
Moonrise at 6:08 p.m.

Do’s and Dont’s on Sharad Purnima


  • Strengthen the planet Moon : This day has a strong astrological significance. If the planet Moon is weak in your birth chart, then this is the perfect day to conduct remedies for pleasing the planet moon and strengthening it. You should worship the Chandra Yantra, offer milk and water to a Shivling, wear the gemstone pearl and donate milk and white-coloured items to the needy on this day. A strong moon blesses you with mental peace, close-knit relations with mother and maternal relatives, good decision-making abilities, prosperity and all-round happiness.

  • Fast for handsome husband: It is believed that unmarried girls who fast on Sharad Purnima and worship the sun and the moon, will be blessed with a handsome husband like Lord Krishna. It was on this night that Lord Krishna had begun his Raas Leela with the Gopis.

  • Prepare Kheer: Kheer, a preparation made by boiling milk and rice, holds special significance on Sharad Purnima. You should prepare Kheer and place it on the terrace so that moon rays fall directly into the bowl of Kheer. Doing so is considered highly auspicious. Break your fast with this Kheer the next morning. The scientific reason behind this custom says that the changing weather at this time of the year tends to cause acidity and the cool preparation of Kheer helps in providing relief from it.

  • Enjoy the moonlight for as long as possible and prefer wearing light clothes while you do this.

  • Watch the moon for at least 5-10 minutes without blinking your eye. This helps in improving your eyesight as well. Some people also try threading a needle in the moonlight.


  • Say ‘no’ to spicy food: Avoid preparing or eating anything spicy.

  • Avoid eating or sleeping on this night.

  • Remember that you should not add any dry fruits to the Kheer prepared on this day, as dry fruits are heat producing in nature and can cause harm.

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