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The Astrological Meaning Of 6 Fingers/Toes

Since time immemorial, there has been a reverence for people who have shown a little something extra in their personality. A part of this reverence has also been extended to people who were born with extra fingers and toes. It is often seen that people born with an extra finger or toe show exceptional traits and are often more active, skilled, and successful in their respective fields.

While there have been cultures that have always considered the appearance of an extra toe or finger as a status symbol in their society, their faith has not been just a figment of the imagination. Being born with an extra finger or toe has been known to bring about a lot of luck. But how and why does this happen? What other benefits does that bring? Let’s delve into the domain from an astrological point.

What Top Astrologer in India Says About Extra Fingers and Toes?

While a number of people around us refer to the presence of an extra finger and toes as a gift of the gods, the variety that is seen in these extra body parts actually has different meanings. Some people have weaker extra body parts, while the others are born with full-blown extra finger, thumb or toe.

People who are born with an extra smaller or wrench-key shaped thumb on the side of their original one are known to be blessed by the Saturn God. This brings in an unmatched attraction from the opposite gender. With an extra sensuality, these people are also known to be lovers of nature and of beauty. The position, strength, and the shape of this extra thumb is also a factor on how strong of a presence Saturn will have in their life.

Similarly, the presence of a sixth finger on the side of the little finger in your hand is related to the Planet of Jupiter. Jupiter has been known to be fruitful in people’s financial progress. With the extra finger on hand on the side of the little finger, the planet is known to provide such people with extravagant commercial success and profits. Also, such a person is known to be more thoughtful towards the right calculations, errors, profit, and loss.

Having an extra toe in the feet is often considered a sign of passion, intellect, and an adventurous nation. With it, the sixth toe is also known to be a sign of success in a number of people.

It is often seen that not only people with extra toes or fingers are subject to people’s curiosities and wonders they are often also part of the tribe of unique people in a group. If there is any such thing that you wish to know about your own life, then the best Vedic astrologers in India, Pandit Pawan Kaushik has had experience with more than 10,000 people, whose life he has re-designed successfully. Get in touch with the best astrologer to get the best and unmatched personalized consultation for your life.

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