Take Charge of your Career with a Detailed Career Report

In the modern competitive world, it is important to establish one’s identity and become independent. In this regard, one is required to excel in his/her profession. Along with hard-work, talent and dedication, astrology plays a crucial role in the individual’s professional success.

Let’s make an effort to understand the influences of various planets and houses on different career options.

Influence of various Houses on Different Career Options

According to Vedic Astrology, different houses support growth in different fields of career. Mentioned below is the relationship between houses and different career options.

 1st House  Self-employment
 2nd House  Banking, Investment, Teaching
 3rd House  Sales & Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations
 4th House  Agriculture, Real Estate, Mining, Professions dealing with Automobiles
 5th House  Share Marketing, Brokering, Politics
 6th House  Law & Security
 7th House  Partnership Business & Trade
 8th House  Research & Investigation, Astrology
 9th House  Religious Professions
 10th House  Government Jobs, Professions dealing with public and masses
 11th House  Social Work
 12th House  Import/Export, Travel & Tourism

Influence of various Planets on Different Career Options

Along with different houses, the planets also possess direct influence on varied career options as mentioned in the below table-

 Sun  Management & Government Jobs
 Moon  Nursing, Cooking
 Mars  Military, Police, Surgeons
 Mercury  Astrology, Accountancy, Publishing & Computer-related Jobs
 Jupiter  Law, Humanitarian and Research-based work
 Venus  Entertainment, Art, Glamour World
 Saturn  Agriculture, Mining
 Rahu  Research, Engineering, Medicine/Drugs
 Ketu  Profession related to Religion, Metaphysics

As per Vedic Astrology, the combination of House and Planet determine the right career option for a person. Hence, it is advisable to consult an expert astrologer so as to ensure career growth. Pt. Pawan Kaushik- ‘Paridhi Achievers Award’ winner, with an experience of more than two decades, has been contributing in the success of individuals all over India through his expert guidance and enriched talent. To know more about the influence of astrology on your career, consult him on +91-9999097600