vastu tips for dealing Can you imagine running a business if there is no regular inflow of finance? There is no doubt that money is the soul of every business. Big business houses generate funds to gain financial stability, while small businesses depend mainly on regular payment receipts. Finance is needed for everything – for laying down the foundation of business, for growth and expansion, and even for mergers and takeovers. It is always beneficial for the business if they can get money at an interest rate that is lower than the market rate. Here, an application of Vastu Shastra principles can help the business in attracting the right investor. It might be surprising for you that the Vastu Shastra learners were also trained in Arth Shastra (Economics). They learned about how the Panchbhootas were capable of controlling the financial factor so that the problems related to finance could be efficiently and quickly solved. The famous economist Chanakya, the chief advisor of Chandragupta Maurya, used the Vastu principles in his book ‘Arthashastra.’ So, if you are curious to know some Vastu tips to improve your business, you have arrived at the right place. Let’s get started and know the importance of Vastu Shastra for financial prosperity.

Can Vastu Shastra Transform Your Commercial Space and Boost Business Prosperity?

Making a commercial space Vastu-compliant is not at all a difficult task. A few changes regarding colours, light, ventilation, elevations, and furniture can be done, which mostly do not interfere with business ethics and standards. Still, at the same time, they help bring prosperity to the business. From the business point of view, even a slight imbalance in the Pancha Bhootas (water, fire, space, air, and earth) can be hazardous for a business unit. For example – if you are becoming a victim of fraud, then you must check the placement of the ‘Fire’ element.

Directions and their Influence on Business

vastu tips for dealing North-East – For Success This is the favourable direction for ‘Water’ and looks after the ‘success’ factor of business. Always keep your entrances in this direction. Placing two white horses in the North-West can help a business prosper.
  • The manager’s cabin, as well as the ‘research and development’ unit of a business, must be placed in the North-East. Finances grow if this area is kept clean and clutter-free.
  • Avoid building toilets or the installation of any ‘heat or light’ system in this direction as doing so can result in the blockage of finances.
South East – For Smooth Business The element ‘Fire’ rules this direction and ensures that the transactions of a business must be smoothly and speedily completed.
  • The best Vastu consultant in Delhi says all the lighting systems must be in the South-East.
  • This is the ideal direction for the kitchen and computer rooms.
  • The legal matters must always be solved and discussed in this direction.
  • Place some green plant pots in this area. This brings positivity and reduces the stress level in the workplace.
South-West – For Finance This direction is for the element ‘Earth’ and brings financial support for the business. South-West – For Finance This direction is for the element ‘Earth’ and brings financial support for the business.
  • The office of the Chairman, Board of Directors, and supervisor must be in this direction.
  • If this area is Vastu-friendly, a business gets organised financial backing.
  • Placement of a toilet or any heating appliance in this direction can result in decreased savings or irregular cash inflow.
North-West – For Business Growth ‘Air’ governs this region and affects the communication skills of people working in the business.
  • Toilets, conference rooms, the sales office, and the book-keeping department must always be in the North-West.
  • A good client base and transparent communications are the positive results of Vastu-compliant ‘North-West’.
  • Confusion, inaccurate accounting, and loss of clients can happen if there is blockage or clutter in the North-west.
Centre – For New Opportunities Also known as ‘Brahmasthaan,’ the central part of a structure is associated with the element ‘Space.’
  • Always keep this area clean and clutter-free. This helps in bringing opportunities for business.
  • If this area is stuffed with unnecessary things, then a business can experience financial limitations.
It is often said that if one takes care of the small things, the big things fall into place themselves. Similarly, following these simple Vastu tips to improve business can remove the obstacles that you might be facing in generating funds for your business. You can also consult the best Vastu consultant in India to get personalised advice.


To sum it up, the following tips of Vastu Shastra for financial prosperity in your office can make your business better. For example, putting things in the right places, like keeping the entrance in the North-East, can bring success. Other directions, like the South-East, are good for smooth transactions, and the South-West is important for financial support. Keeping the central area clean can bring new opportunities. These simple changes based on Vastu can help your business grow and handle money matters better. If you need more help or personalised advice, Pt Pawan Kaushik, the Vastu expert in Delhi NCR is here to help you. With 30+ years of experience, he has delivered the best astrological advice to thousands of clients and helped them live a peaceful and wealthy life. Book an appointment for the Vastu consultant in Delhi! Contact Us at +91 9990176000