“Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge! It is knowledge of itself.” -Plato

Numerology is the study of occult bodies where we keep a track of the numbers that reflect the nature and attitude of a person. It is not just the digits of your date of birth that reveal your personality, even the names of a person has numeric values that establish a relation with the vibrations of the cosmic universe. Numerology is a much wider field than what we consider it to be. Numerologists with the help of numbers determine the happenings that may or may not work for you! Astrologers consider numbers to be a meaningful expression that decodes the meaning of our life. In Numerology, the birth dates are added. Let us read about the spiritual connection that numbers share with the planets of the cosmic universe.

Number 1: Represents the Sun

Birth Dates: 01, 10 Number 1 is the reflection of new journey, hopes and aspirations. It represents everything that is new, young and fresh. Number 1 brings positivity and also ensures mental and physical well-being of a person. The lucky number pushes us towards the edge where we come in control of our lives and chalk out a new way for attaining success.

Number 2: Represents the Moon

Birth Dates: 02, 11, 20 The Number two is a symbol of balance and equality. It controls the mind and highlights the importance of judging the important decisions of life. It motivates the sense of decision-making and planning. The Number 2 brings us close to people with whom we share similar hobbies, ideas and ideals. It takes us on the path that results in the enrichment of the inner soul!

Number 3: Represents the planet Mars

Birth Dates: 03, 12, 21 Number 3 brings forth the 3 time zones- past, present and future. The spiritual connotation of Number 3 is that it brings out the best of the creative and imaginative side of a person. One’s expressions get better and the life becomes magically beautiful. This Number acts as a bridge between a person’s past and future, thus making their present successful.

Number 4: Represents the planet Mercury

Birth Dates: 04, 13, 22, 31 This Number which is represented by the planet Mercury is a symbol of stability and grounded nature. It is an amalgamation of all the elements that makes life worth-living! It motivates a person to search the true meaning of their life and forces them to respect the roots from where they came. It symbolises homeliness, calmness and patience.

Number 5: Represents the planet Jupiter

Birth Dates: 05, 14, 23 The Number 5 is a symbol of adventure, wandering and exploring. It brings motion in a person’s life. The travel sometimes brings joy and sometimes destabilizes the life of the traveller. The Number motivates us to succumb to the wild vibes that constantly nag us. Thus, activity is experienced if your ruling number is 5.

Number 6: Represents the planet Venus

Birth Dates: 06, 15, 24 Venus is the planet of love, thus Number 6 denotes love, compassion, honesty and transparency in relationships. The number enlightens a person and helps them in finding the path, travelling on which, they attain a balance between body and mind. It makes a person benevolent and inculcates a forgiving nature in them.

Number 7: Represents the planet Saturn

Birth Dates: 07, 16, 25 This number represents magic. It unfolds the mysterious corners of life. Ruled by Saturn, this number makes a person dreamy. The benefit of Number 7 is that it blesses a person with a deeper understanding of life which makes them spiritually superior to others.

Number 8: Represents the planet Uranus

Birth Dates: 08, 17, 26 Number 8 is a symbol of life which is continuous and is a cycle that never stops. The Number ruled by Uranus makes life meaningful and successful. Number 8 is popular for it deals with the success and wealth factor. The best part is that the people ruled by Number 8 never get swayed away by the whims and fancies that come along with success and fame.

Number 9: Represents the planet Neptune

Birth Dates: 09, 18, 27 It inculcates the inventive side of a person and enhances their intellect. The number motivates us to trickle-down the benefits that we are enjoying to the people who are not so fortunate. Such kind of gesture helps a person in leaving a positive mark on the lives of people. Thus Number 9 represents contentment, satisfaction and brotherhood.

Now that you are aware of the magic of numbers, explore how your ruling number can change your life!

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