vastu tips for children’s room Every parent wishes for his child’s success and prosperity. They make countless sacrifices to help their child have a secure career and involve good qualities. However, little do they know that their efforts can sometimes go down in vain due to the presence of Vastu dosh. So, if you are curious to know more about Vastu for children rooms and some easy-to-implement tips, you have arrived at the right place. Below are some Vastu tips for your Child’s room that can help build confidence, improve concentration and build interest in studies.

Why Vastu For Children’s Room is Important

Vastu plays a vital role in a growing child’s life. It deeply impacts their health, personality, habits and outlook. As children spend a major time of their developmental years in their bedrooms, having a vastu-aligned layout produces extremely positive effects. The famous Vastu consultant in Gurgaon says that children’s bedrooms designed according to Vastu principles allow for a balanced circulation of energy. This promotes good health, knowledge, intellect and creativity in kids. It also boosts concentration, memory and academic capabilities. Parents are often careful about nutrition, safety features, and positivity when designing children’s spaces. Along with these, integrating Vastu elements will assure wholesome well-being. Not giving due importance to Vastu’s recommendations can result in negativity, the draining of positive energy and developmental hindrances. Vastu should be given more importance when creating spaces for children, as kids are more receptive to energy influences. A fine balance of five elements – fire, water, air, space and earth in their room via colours, symbols, and layouts can make kids happy, capable and successful in life with a strong physical and mental foundation. As children grow rapidly in their formative years, Castu enables them to flourish to their full potential by harnessing positive energy and progress. Hence, implementing Vastu for children rooms is crucial from childhood for overall prosperity.

Effective Vastu Tips for Children’s Room

vastu tips for children’s room

Focus on The Direction of the Room

West is the most appropriate direction to build your kids room since this direction is responsible for bringing good fortune, happiness and humility. So keep the direction in the west so that your children attract happiness and peace.

Choose Gateway for Freshness and Creativity

North and East are the best directions for constructing doors and windows. It allows a free & fresh flow of air and helps the child develop a creative and innovative mind.

Select the Placement of the Bed

South-West is an ideal direction for placing the bed in your kids’ room as it brings peaceful vibrations and allows a sound sleep. Also, ensure a few inches gap for placing any other furniture in the room. This ensures a continuous flow of positive energy.

Pick the Right Placement of Study Table

Place the study table in such a manner that he/she faces north, east or northeast direction while studying. Pt Pawan Kaushik, the top Vastu consultant in Gurgaon, says that it helps the child develop an interest in studies and improve concentration.

Arrange the Placement of Bookshelf

Book Shelves and almirahs should always be built in a south or west direction as it helps a child develop a sense of cleanliness.

Focus Placement of Mirrors

Children are very often found admiring themselves in a mirror. Placing a mirror either on the left or right side of the bed helps a child build up confidence.

Avoid Electronic Appliances

Try not to keep any electronic gadgets such as television or computer in your young one’s room, as the vibrations produced from these appliances are very harmful and strongly damage the brain.

Paint the Walls With Refreshing Colors

Paint your kid’s room green or white to invoke positive feelings of love, peace, sympathy, and patience in your beloved child’s innocent heart. The best colour for children’s room Vastu can be off-white, light yellow, sky blue, light green etc are considered auspicious.

Let the Room Shine

Always ensure that your kid’s room is always well-illuminated. Avoid sharp, dim or coloured lights as they can amplify negative vibrations and build mental pressure.

Avoid Sharp Corners And Clutter

In Vastu, sharp corners and edges can enhance negativity. Use curved, round or chamfered edges and corners, especially for the study table. You can also place indoor plants in the corners to soften them. Your children’s room should be neat, orderly and clutter-free. Too many possessions, toys, and extra furniture crammed in the room can obstruct the free flow of positive energy.


Creating a vastu-aligned, harmonious environment in children’s rooms through minor layout modifications and an energising atmosphere fosters their wholesome development. Implementing vastu early on gives children health, knowledge and balance to shine bright. This vital life force nurtures their budding potential to blossom fully. By integrating vastu principles in spaces where children learn and grow, we allow them to construct a solid foundation for happy lives. If you are looking for more personalised tips for your children’s bedroom, Vastu, Pt Pawan Kaushik, is here to help you. He is one of the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon with 30+ years of experience in customising Vastu consultancy to his clients. To learn more about his services, book a consultation today! Contact us at: +91 9990176000