vastu in interior design creating aesthetically pleasing spaces When you walk into the room, you instantly feel calm and relaxed. Everything looks well-organised, making the atmosphere peaceful. This calm feeling is because the room is designed using Vastu Shastra principles, combining old wisdom with modern style together that improve you and your family member’s overall well-being. In this blog, we’ll talk about why Vastu is important and the role of Vastu in interior design. We’ll explore how following its timeless yet simple principles can help you make your space both attractive and energetically balanced. By reading this blog, you’ll get useful tips on Vastu principles and discover how to use them in your own space.

Understanding the Role of Vastu in Interior Design

The significance of Vastu Shastra in interior design cannot be overstated. By following Vastu Shastra principles, you aim to design a living space that blends well with nature and suits you. This, in turn, can bring a calmer, healthier, and prosperous life. When you incorporate Vastu Shastra into interior design of home, it helps maintain a balanced energy flow in your space. This, in simple terms, means you can create a happy and calm atmosphere that adds to your overall well-being. By sticking to Vastu Shastra principles, you can design a room that not only looks good but also feels good.

Interior Design as per Vastu

In interior design, following Vastu principles can make your space look better and create a positive vibe. Here are some simple tips for Interior Design as per Vastu, given by the best vastu consultant in Gurgaon.

1. Entrance and Living Room:

Start at the entrance – it’s like the friendly greeting of your home. Make sure it’s bright and tidy to give a positive first impression. In the living room, go for a layout that lets people move around easily and encourages conversation. Arrange furniture to let in natural light, making the space inviting.

2. Colours and Textures:

Colours are important in Vastu-friendly interiors. Earthy tones like beige, brown, and green are considered good. These colours not only look nice but also bring a calming feeling. Avoid very bright or dark colours, as they might disturb the positive energy flow.

3. Placement of Furniture:

The way furniture is arranged can significantly impact the energy flow in a room. Ensure that beds and sofas are not placed against the walls, allowing energy to circulate freely. Avoid sharp edges in furniture; rounded edges are believed to promote positive vibes.

4. Lighting:

Good lighting is crucial for a balanced home. Use natural light, which is considered good, by using light curtains and placing mirrors smartly. In the evenings, choose soft, warm lights for a cosy feel. Avoid harsh overhead lighting as it can make the atmosphere less inviting.

5. Decluttering and Organization:

According to the best vastu consultant in Gurgaon, messiness blocks positive energy. Keep your home tidy for peace and order. Clean out spaces like closets and shelves regularly to let the energy flow freely.

6. Bedroom Design:

Your bedroom is a peaceful place for rest. Use calming colours like blue or lavender on the walls for a serene atmosphere. Keep electronic devices to a minimum for a peaceful sleep space.

Common Vastu Shastra Do’s and Don’ts in Interior Design

When doing interior design, as per Vastu, it’s good to follow some simple do’s and don’ts. Here they are:  common vastu shastra dos and donts in interior design By following these tips on interior design, as per Vastu, you can make your living space more in tune with nature and yourself.


Including Vastu principles in your interior design is about creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing space. By paying attention to the role of Vastu in interior design and following practical tips for interior design as per Vastu, you can align your home with positive energies and enhance both its visual appeal and the overall living experience.  If you want a personalised vastu shastra consultancy from the expert astrologer, Pt Pawan Kaushik can help you in this. He is the best Vastu consultant in Gurgaon and has years of experience in providing personalised Vastu Shastra consultancy that suits clients’ needs well. Book a consultation today to know more.  Contact us at: +91 9990176000