Mercury, the planet responsible for physical, mental and emotional balance apart from spiritual growth of an individual is associated with Panna, the precious light and dark-green colored gemstone.

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Panna:

  • Come closer to the Divine : Wearing Panna helps people grow on the path of spirituality, gain wisdom and become one with the Divine.
  • Decision-Making Ability : Panna helps the wearer make right decisions in life pertaining to career, profession or marriage.
  • Enhances Creative and Intuitive Abilities : Panna makes the wearer creative and develops his/ her abilities to invent, innovate and decorate. Thus, people in artistic and creative fields are suggested to wear Panna.
  • Mental and Emotional Stability : Wearing this precious gemstone helps a person get rid of day-to-day stress, tension and anxiety apart from becoming emotionally strong with unshakable will-power.
  • Fame and Fortune : Panna favors the never-ending flow of wealth in the wearer’s life and makes him/her famous with world-wide recognition.

Though Panna offers countless benefits, one must consult a gemstone specialist before wearing this stone as it comes in various shapes and sizes; and wearing wrong shape and size of Panna can lead to bankruptcy, ill-health and family quarrels. For more information regarding gemstones, refer