Colors play a very important role in Hindu religion. The days and even the Hindu Gods are attributed with different colors. Lord Krishna is related with blue color; Lord Shiva with grey color of Vibhuti; Goddess Durga wears red and Goddess Saraswati is always seen in white colours. Every colour reflects the mood and personality of a person and also to a large extent influences the personality of an individual. Each zodiac relates itself with the different colors of VIBGYOR. Our aura is made up of these rainbow colors, which cannot be seen with naked eyes. This aura is used to heal and purify a person’s mental and physical health. If we have a deficiency of any particular color, it can be improved by wearing the same color outfits or stones.

ARIES: [March 21-April 20]

You are a child who does not want to grow and who loves to see nature and its glory all around. Though Taurus has a very sensitive personality but at the same time they have a great skill of earning their livelihood. They are grounded people. Green is the color for this sign of the Zodiac, which aligns with heart chakra. The heart, sentiments, kinship are the foremost things in their life. They are a perfect blend of everything. They must wear green to enhance their talent. Other preferred colors are: Pink and Cream

GEMINI: [May 21- June 21]

Geminis are an amicable, inspirational personality with a great presence of mind. They love to be loved. They are a free bird and cannot be bonded by anything or anyone. Orange is the perfect colour for this sign of the Zodiac as it symbolizes peace and harmony. This color relates with sacral chakra, which increases their desire to discover and explore more. So Gemini, go and get your orangey muse and brighten up your future!!! Other preferred colors are: Green, Pink and White

CANCER: [June21-July 21]

They are great thinkers. They are good in understanding the aspects of life socially as well as spiritually. Their brain is full of ideas but all they require is to execute the ones that come to their mind! The color violet helps them in this execution. Violet color is related to crown chakra and wearing violet will bring ideas into existence. So Cancerians, just peep into the violet color and leave the world around you amazed!! Other preferred colors are: Pastels and shades of Green

LEO: [July21st – August21st]

They are born with a streak to twinkle their light to the world. They are strong and intelligent like a lion. Yellow is the right color to spark up their personality. Yellow is related with solar plexus chakra. Wearing this vibrant color will make up the mood of the Leo and will let them enjoy a high spot just like the bright yellow sun is the hub of our universe. Other preferred colors are: Red, Orange and Magenta

VIRGO: [August 21st- September 21st]

You believe in live and let live “peacefully”. Virgos are honest and easy going souls. Colour blue goes best with their personality. Blue color is related to throat chakra, which states that you can express your thoughts and ideas without any hesitation. They love to help people around them and the color blue helps them to do the noble work in the best possible ways. Other preferred colors are: Shades of green, black and red

LIBRA: [September 21-October 21]

Libras have a balanced personality. The nature and other surroundings matters a lot to them. They can go to any height to achieve success. Green is the color for them, as green aligns with the heart chakra. So, go green and change the world Librans! Other preferred colors are: blue and off white

SCORPIO: [October 21-November 21]

They have a deep rooted personality; and have the power like a volcano. They can change the world according to their style. The color red is appropriate for them. This blood color aligns with the root chakra as it is the color of love, passion and magic. So wear red and light up the world around you. Other preferred colors are: Purple, maroon, green

SAGITTARIUS: [November 21-December 21]

Sagittarius has an enthusiastic, uncommon and adventurous personality. They do not think twice before jumping into a decision. They always want to achieve the goal in a wise and truthful manner. Color violet suits this sign as this vibrant color relates with crown chakra. The Violet colour leads them to catch their dreams. Other preferred colors are: Yellow, red and blue

CAPRICORN: [December 21-January 21]

Capricorns have a cool personality and people seek for their company. Their confidence and patience is a big advantage for your success. You have a dual personality. Indigo is the absolute color for you, this color aligns with the third eye chakra. This shows you can make it or break it. Indigo color will help you to utilize your positive energy and let you rule the world. Other preferred colors are: grey, black and white

AQUARIUS: [January 21-February 21]

You are fortunate enough to be born under this sign. Aquarians love to make their own work piece. They are passionate about both music and art. They go deep in their thoughts and live in them. Violet is the color for Aquarius as it aligns with crown chakra. This color helps them to enhance the frequency of working over their thoughts and to share it with the world. Other preferred colors are: Bright shades of yellow but black color is not advisable.

PISCES: [February 21-March 21]

You are a sensitive and emotional personality but you hide yourself from the world around. The mind of a Pisces goes so deep in thoughts that they need energies to show them up to the universe. This energy can be obtained by the Pisces from the color indigo. Indigo color is related to the third eye and it lifts up and provides an outlet to the thoughts of a Pisces. Other preferred colors are: yellow, purple, peach and white

Wearing the suitable color [according to your zodiac sign] makes your days beautiful and stress free. After reading this article you can add up more beautiful colors in your wardrobe and find yourself achieving all your goals along with a pinch of happiness in your life.