how to live in shermukhi plots

It has been said on several occasions that the shape and size of the plot matter a lot in the science of Vastu Shastra. The aspect of the shape of the plot holds just as much importance as the directions and the orientation of the plot, which is why it is often ensured that irregularly- shaped plots should not be considered for any purpose.

Whether constructing a business/shop, or just buying something for investment, always remember that the 4 sides are the best.

But the distinct possibilities with 4-sided plots often need to be clarified between what will be a good choice and what should be avoided. One such distinction happens between the Gaumukhi plots and the Shermukhi plots.

And yet, now and then, people do end up buying Shermukhi plots for commercial purposes because of various reasons. If you also plan to use a Shermukhi plot for business, you can rectify the doshas easily by following some rituals. Keep reading the blog to learn about the Shermukhi plot benefits and effects!

What is the Shermukhi Plot?

Before we get into the remedies, it is important to understand the Sher Mukhi plot. A Shermukhi or Nahar Mukhi plot is called so because it resembles the face of a Lion (Sher or Nahar). In simpler words, the front of the plot is broader than the back, resembling the face of a lion. Shermukhi plot for business and commercial purposes is considered good as it attracts customers and makes them stay in your business.

But, a famous Vastu consultant in Gurgaon says that it is inauspicious for residential projects except in some cases. For example, in the Nahar Mukhi plot with the extended corner in the North-East Direction, and the road parallel to the entrance is either on the east or north side of the road, then the plot is considered fit for living.

If you have a Nahar Mukhi plot that does not meet this criterion, there is a very simple remedy for that.

Shermukhi Plot Benefits

shermukhi plot benefits  
  • As per vastu experts in Gurugram, a Nahar Mukhi plot is said to be lucky and advantageous for business.
  • Try to buy a Shermukhi plot that is square or rectangular. Plots that are triangular or irregular are not recommended for commercial use since they draw unfavorable energies.
  • Cardinal point plots can improve your luck in the marketplace. North, South, East, and West are known as the cardinal points.
  • A rectangle or square plot should have 90-degree corners. The plot’s broad edge-to-narrow-edge ratio shouldn’t be greater than 1:2. These features are the most beneficial for bringing riches and happiness.
  • As previously stated, the Nahar Mukhi plot must always face the North. In the North facing Shermukhi plot, the road should always be located on the North or Northeast side.
  • A plot with routes on all four sides is promising for commercial purposes.
  • Steer clear of buying land containing peepal, white fig, or banyan trees.
  • Don’t buy a plot close to a cemetery or an electric pole.

Shermukhi Plot Effects According To The Location Of The Plot

The effects of a Shermukhi plot can vary depending on the location of the plot. Here are some possible Shermukhi plot effects based on the location suggested by Vastu expert in Gurgaon:

Location of the Plot Effect
North facing Shermukhi plot facing towards east and north Auspicious for establishing a business
North-west plot facing the west direction Beneficial for a women’s organisation or politician
North-west plot facing in the north Difficulty in women’s life
North-east with cut Difficulty in succeeding
North-west with cut Disease and sickness
South-east with extension in the south Health-related problems
South-east plot with extension in the east Trouble in finances
South-west with extension in the west Financial Loss
South-east with cut impoverishment and diseases
South-west with cut Mental Health problems

Remedy For Shermukhi Plot for Business Use

Vastu Shastra states that a plot must have 4 sides; anything less or more than that will be considered inauspicious. Many square and rectangular plots are considered the best living space options. While Nahar Mukhi plots are not square or rectangular, they can be made to appear that way.

Build a Boundary Wall: Building a boundary wall around the plot can help contain the negative energy and prevent it from entering the building. Keep the wall higher on the front side and lower on the backside.

Plant Trees: Planting trees along the front boundary can also help reduce the negative impact of a Shermukhi plot. Trees have the power to absorb negative energy and create a positive environment.

Construct a Septic Tank: Constructing a septic tank on the front side of the plot can also help reduce the negative impact. However, consult with a Vastu expert before doing so, as it may not be suitable for all plots.

Place Mirrors: Placing mirrors on the front side of the office can help reflect the negative energy away from your business. Make sure to place the mirrors so they do not reflect the main entrance.

Use Vastu Remedies: Various Vastu remedies can be used to mitigate the negative impact of a Shermukhi plot, such as placing a wind chime on the front side, using crystals, or performing regular Vastu Puja.

Remove the Extra Space: Removing the extra space by erecting a straight wall is a great way to make the plot regular in shape. Since the slope angle from the back to the front is not steep, you can build a straight wall from the back to the front and will mostly have to do it only on one side of the plot. Regularising the shape of the plot can be of great value as it will help you remove the Shermukhi obstacle from the Vastu Purush of your new office.


In conclusion, a Shermukhi plot for business, also known as a Nahar Mukhi plot, can positively and negatively affect your business. While a Shermukhi plot may offer certain benefits, such as more open space in the front, it can also bring financial and personal problems if not properly addressed.

It is essential to consult with an expert Vastu consultant in Gurgaon before beginning the construction of a Shermukhi plot. By following the Vastu principles and implementing suitable remedies, the negative effects of a Shermukhi plot can be mitigated, and the positive effects can be enhanced.

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