There are a number of considerations involved in buying and constructing a home before you actually plan to start anything with it. You need to check the area, the facilities, the proximity, and the Vastu of a place before you can think of buying it. Yes, Vastu Shastra is an important aspect of living and existing in a place as it can help you learn the right way to live, thrive, and prosper. Now you may think that the only thing that Vastu Shastra can tell you about your home is the directions that you need to take care of. However, that is a common misconception. Vastu Shastra brings together the elements of directions, lords, elements, and shapes. In fact, shapes play a rather important role in Vastu Shastra, so much so, that even the shape of the plot plays an important role in how it interacts with the residents. Here are the different shapes of a plot and what they are most commonly used for.

The shape of Plots in Vastu Shastra

Square Plots Vastu A plot with sides that are equal in length or a square plot is considered good for any kind of construction. They bring prosperity, growth, and happiness to the household, and thus, have been favoured since ancient times. A square plot is also great for ventilation purposes.

Rectangle Plot Vastu A rectangle plot with a 1:2 ration in its length and width are considered great. This is especially true if the length faces north and the width faces the west. They are considered to bring good health, wealth, and prosperity as wastage of space is considerably less in these plots.

Triangular Plots Triangular plots are considered to be inauspicious for construction as the residents of this place will live in constant fear of fire.

Circular/Ellipse/Oval Any of these shapes for a plot must be avoided for construction. Residential Vastu Shastra states that such irregular shapes for a plot can bring immense bad luck for the residents. This is why you will rarely see a circular plot.

Plots Having More than 4 sides Any shape that has more than 4 sides is not considered fit for living. Pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, or octagons are all known to cause a feeling of fear in residents.

Goumukhi Plot Goumukhi plot or a plot shaped like the face of a cow is a 4 sided regular plot where the front of the house is narrower than the back of the house. It is considered great for constructing homes. A Goumukhi plot is considered to bring good luck to the resident, alongside long life and good health.

Shermukhi Plot (Naharmukhi Plot Vastu) A Shermukhi plot or a plot in the shape of a Lion’s face is completely opposite of Goumukhi plots. They are wide in the front and narrow in the back. While they are known to be inauspicious when used for residential purposes, they do fair really well for business and commercial purposes.

Plot with Cut Corner Plot with corners cut or missing corners must be avoided at all costs as they are known to bring bad luck.

Plot with Projection and Extension Plots with projections or extensions in the North, East, or North-East directions are known to be auspicious for use. However, you must remember that extensions in any other directions are inauspicious.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that was developed through the understanding of how our lives react with the elements and energies around us. Even the shape of the houses that we live in creates a great impact on our lives. To know how exactly it will affect you, consult the top Vastu consultant in India, Pt Pawan Kaushik and bring harmony to your life. Book your appointment with the accomplished life designer and celebrity astrologer today.