Decorating Your Home Vastu Style

Vastu Shastra is the study of the interaction of energies from a person and his surroundings with each other. It is basically a science that talks about the right way of living based on the energies in your home. This Ancient Indian Science includes everything, from the position of your rooms to what you include in your home.

One of the lesser-known disciplines of Vastu Shastra also includes the knowledge of how you decorate your home. Not only the decor of your place is an extension of your personality, but it is also important to the Vastu Purush of your home. The decor of your home according to vastu not only decides how the place will look, but it will also decide how it will favour you in your life’s endeavours.

Keeping that in mind, does Vastu Shastra have a guide on what decorative items must be kept in a house? Yes, it does. This blog details all the decorative items you can keep in your house to bring the best of luck and happiness into your humble abodes.

Decorative Items to Keep as per Vastu Shastra

  • Plants: Plants are the embodiment of the energy of life. They bring positivity in and create a very relaxed and soothing environment for everyone, while also influencing the well-being of the inhabitants of the house. There is a large variety of plants that you can keep in your home like holy basil and Neem. In addition, avoid thorny plants, cotton, tamarind, and bonsai trees as they bring negativity in the house.
  • Paintings: Paintings are a representation of a person’s feeling drawn on a canvas, which is why pictures and paintings of calm landscapes in soft colours bring a great change in the house’s energy. Paintings of sunrise, waterfall, birds or flowers work the best. On the other hand, avoid paintings of war, devastation, sadness or poverty as they can have the exact opposite effect.
  • Mirror: Mirrors hold a significant position in Vastu Shastra. They maintain positivity in the house, which is why their placement is very important around the house. On the walls facing either east or north, placement of mirrors must be made at least 4 feet above the ground. However, avoid placing a mirror directly in front of your bedroom door. And never keep a broken mirror in your house.
  • Water Features: The flow of water in a regulated manner inside a house is an auspicious thing, which is why water features like fountains and aquariums are always considered good in Vastu Shastra. A water fountain in the north, east, or north-east direction is good for keeping the energies flowing and removing the tensions in the house.
  • Curtains: Curtains are a great way to decorate the house as they immediately change the look of a place. Mixing the blue colour into the mix with curtains can be a good way to absorb the negative energy in the house. Also, for negative energies coming from the outside, curtains do a good job of deflecting them.
  • Apart from these, soft lights that do not cast large shadows on the walls are also necessary features of homes in terms of Vastu. In the end, it is all about the energies of your house. This is why the best Vastu expert in India, Pandit Pawan Kaushik, believes in the energy balance of the house for complete and perfect harmony. For personalised consultation and immediate resolution of your issues, book your appointment with Pt Pawan Kaushik today.