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The Cat’s eye, Lehsunia or Vaiduria is a gemstone that represents the planet of Ketu as per astrology. According to the sacred texts, two color variants of the stone are to strengthen or pacify the planet of Ketu.

This gemstone is opaque and hot in constitution. The planet Ketu leads to karmic influences on one’s horoscope and it is generally accepted that during this period an individual would get results as per their Karma may it be good or bad. Similar to a Blue Sapphire that is a gemstone of Saturn, the Cat’s eye gemstone is a very strong gemstone that lead to sudden results. It is important for one to go through a trial period of three days to make sure whether this gemstone suits them or not. As per sacred texts, this gemstone is known to bring back Nasht Lakshmi (the wealth that is suddenly lost).

The Cat’s eye or Lehsunia stone comes in various shades of green and yellow and helps one in overcoming the negative effect of the other shadow planet, Ketu. One can get the best results by wearing this gemstone on the prescribed time. The 8 th house is one of the most difficult house of the birth chart and Ketu is generally weak in this house. This happens when the Mars and Saturn that have malefic planets for Ketu enter the 8 th house. The Ketu also becomes weak when a weak planet enter the 8 th house. A gemstone expert recommend to wear this gemstone when such situations occur in the kundali.


Q. Benefits of Cat’s Eye ?

The cat eye is a powerful gemstone that removes the negative effect of the shadow planet, Ketu. This gemstone has positive vibrations that attract good fortune and healthy living. Here are the major five benefits of wearing this gemstone:

  • Leads to a Happy Mind: This gemstone has power to relieve the wearer from stress, anxiety, depression and other fatal brain-related diseases.
  • Leads to Spiritual Advancement: Cat’s Eye is one such gemstone that deepens one’s mediation and faith in the Supreme Lord, which in turn assists a person attain salvation (moksha).
  • Helps in Regaining Lost Wealth: People having suffered financial losses are suggested to wear Cat’s Eye gemstone as this gem helps one make up for losses and once again become wealthy.
  • Helps in Warding off Evil Eye: Cat’s Eye gemstone protects the native from all evil and demonic forces, and also keeps a person far away from evil sight of enemies.
  • Promotes Good Health: Wearing Cat’s Eye increases one’s appetite and, promotes proper digestion and assimilation of food, which in turn helps a person remain healthy!

There are many advantages of wearing this gemstone but one needs to be careful while wearing it as it comes in a variety of colors and sizes and every color and size has its own power and intensity. Like other gemstones, the cat eye’s gemstone is also miraculous and produces raditations that help in removing the malefic effects of planets and attracts positivity in one’s life.

Q. Who should Wear Cat’s Eye ?

It is a favorable gem for those who are involved in games of speculative activities, gambling, horse racing and the people who are involved in dangerous or adventurous professions. This gemstone is not generally worn throughout the life but during a major period or sub-period in one’s life. However, it is really important to consult an astrologer before wearing this powerful gemstone. An astrologer first refers to one’s birth chart and then suggests whether this gem is suitable for the wearer or not. This gemstone is really powerful and can deliver favorable results.

Wearing this gemstone is recommended for those who have a weak Ketu. There are various effects of a weak Ketu and some of them are listed below:

  • A person always have low confidence and lacks focus, if the Ketu is weak.
  • The person always remain in a state of confusion and fear.
  • They crib over issues that are peculiar and exhaust their energies in lamenting over them.
  • They have trouble trusting anyone even their close friends and family are not trustworthy for them.
  • They want to live in the past and do not focus on the present and future.
  • They aren’t capable of taking major decisions because they do not have the ability to discriminate between things.

If the native faces such issues in life then there are chances that the Ketu is weak. However, it is important to consult a gemstone expert before concluding anything because only he can evaluate one’s planet considerations and suggest whether one should wear this gemstone or not.

Q. How to Wear Cat’s Eye ?

Cat eye is a powerful gemstone that should only be worn after taking an expert advice.

  • One can wear it in the form of ring. This ring should touch the wearer’s skin.
  • When worn in the form of ring, this gemstone should touch the middle or ring finger of the working hand that means a right handed person should wear the stoned ring in right hand while left-handed person should wear it in left hand).
  • The ideal weight for this gemstone is 7 carat i.e. around 7 carats (1400 mgs).


  • Take an early morning bath and dip the stoned ring in cow’s milk or gangajal for 10 minutes.
  • Next, chant the below mantra (108 times) and wear your stone.

“Aum Ketave Namah”
After wearing this powerful gemstone, one must clean it with soft brush and soapy water every day as even a pinch of dust can reduce the stone’s efficiency.

Q. When to Wear Cat’s Eye ?

Cat’s Eye or Lehsunia Stone should be worn on Tuesdays soon after sunrise during Shukla Paksha. Before wearing it, it is important to purify this gemstone as it goes through a lot of hands before it finally reaches you. This is the main reason why the wearer should purify it. One should purify this gemstone by washing it with Ganga Jal and wear it in gold.

Precautions and care:
Cat’s eye stone should be cleaned in a regular process. Clean the stone with a soft polishing cloth, soapy water and with the soft brush taking care of stone. One should always avoid soaking or cleaning this gemstone with extremely hot cleansing agents. Sudden temperature variations can greatly damage this precious stone, hence it is advised to use lukewarm water and mild detergent or soap for cleaning this gemstone. Also, avoid using ammonia and vinegar for cleaning purposes as they can awfully corrode the gemstone.

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