Gemstones are a boon for us. Since the ancient ages, the healing powers and the therapeutic impact of the gems have drawn people towards it. The 12 Zodiac Sign are associated with birthstones which always bring fruitful results for their wearer. If you are curious to test the power of your birthstone, read and find out the gem that will best suit your Zodiac.


Aries are a little stubborn in their temperament. They always urge for better things in their life, and thus diamond provides them with the necessary direction to achieve it. When the confused Aries wears a diamond, it helps strengthen their decision making skills and helps them deal with their confusions quick. Birthstone: Diamond


This Zodiac Sign is very sensitive – a characteristic that sometimes interferes with their decision-making ability. People born under this sign are blessed with good aesthetic sense. However, when they wear an emerald, it helps boost their passion towards their work. It helps a Taurus grow personally as well professionally. Birthstone – Emerald


The birthstone of this Twin sign is Pearl. Wearing this stone bestow the native with multiple abiliies to excel in life. Pearl brings the much-needed stability into a Gemini’s life. It also enhances the integrity of the Zodiac sign. Birthstone – Pearl


Crabs are very fragile at heart and hence, their delicate interior needs a tough exterior for protection. When a Cancer wears a Ruby, they do not hesitate to lay their heart bare in front of their loved ones, which they otherwise often avoid. Besides, Ruby acts as a shield that protects the Cancer from the evil eyes. Birthstone – Ruby


Leos love every bit of their nature. Wearing a Peridot helps a Leo keep their strength, beauty and wisdom intact, which can otherwise wither away due to the hardships of life. Also, Leos give a lot of importance to moral values. Peridot helps them stick to their principles and decisions. Birthstone – Peridot


Sapphire is the birthstone of Virgos that protects them from emotional and physical damage. This gemstone has tremendous energy that sharpens the intellect of the Virgo and gifts them with a vision that helps them see the beauty of the world. Birthstone – Sapphire


Libras are very friendly in nature and are filled to the brim with positive energy. They infect even the people around them with their positive vibes. Opal absorbs the negative vibes around a Libra and helps them keep their positive nature intact. Birthstone – Opal


Scorpions have a possessive and jealous temperament. Wearing a Topaz helps a Scorpio maintain a cordial relationship with friends and family. Also, Topaz prevents the eruption of any misunderstandings in the Scorpio’s personal or professional life. Birthstone – Topaz


Sagittarius is a fire sign. Wearing Turquoise keeps the mind of a Sagittarius, calm and composed. It helps the Sagittarius withstand the toughest of the tougher situations and brings good luck, fortune and opportunities for a Sagittarius. Birthstone – Turquoise


The emotional nature of the Capricorn is sometimes the reason why these individuals lag behind others. Wearing the Garnet helps control this side of the Zodiac and blesses them with success in life. The Garnet has mystic features that guide the Capricorn in the right direction. Birthstone – Garnet


The stubborn and rebellious nature does more harm and less good for an Aquarius. Wearing an Amethyst empowers the Aquarius and blesses them with courage, confidence and peace. This keeps the Aquarius rational and calm. Birthstone – Amethyst


Pisces are compassionate in nature and prefer their imaginary world over the real one. They avoid a face-off with the harsh realities of life. Aquamarine helps the Pisces in holding strong their emotions. It also protects the Pisces from health diseases. Birthstone – Aquamarine

Now that you know all about the birthstones, pick the one that suits your Zodiac Sign and experience the magical healing powers of the Gem. Do not forget to seek advice from an Gemstone expert Pt. Pawan Kaushik consult before wearing any gemstone.