Auspicious Dates for Hindu Marriages in 2020

Marriage not only binds two individuals by vows of love, trust and respect but it connects two families through a strong bond of mutual understanding and reverence for an entire lifetime. Thus, it is

  • 17/03/2017
  • 2.485K Reads
  • 3 min read

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Auspicious Dates for Hindu marriage in 2017

Marriage, or wedding, is an auspicious ceremony, which bonds two individuals together with a promise to last until death. In Hinduism, the wedding (also known as Vivah) is considered as one of the

  • 30/12/2016
  • 1.286K Reads
  • 1 min read

Hindu Panchang 2017

Panchang, also known as Hindu Vedic Calendar, is a yearly compilation of all Hindu festivals, auspicious timings, tithis, vrat etc. Most of these festivals & auspicious dates are calculated

  • 28/12/2016
  • 1.985K Reads
  • 4 min read

Worship these 10 Forms of Ganesha for Prosperity

हिन्दू धर्म के अनुसार किसी भी शुभ कार्य से पहले सर्वप्रथम भगवान गणेश की

  • 19/12/2016
  • 2.562K Reads
  • 0 min read

Is Kaal Sarp Dosha troubling you?

Kaal Sarp Dosh! You all must have heard of this dangerous dosha in Astrology. It is believed that 75% of the people suffer from Kaal Sarp Dosha in their Kundlis. Do you know that the first Prime

  • 20/07/2016
  • 1.551K Reads
  • 3 min read

The 3 important houses in Career Astrology

Human life is full of challenges, ups and downs and hardships. The biggest challenge however for every human is to prove their worth in this materialistic world. This motive can only be fulfilled if

  • 30/06/2016
  • 1.26K Reads
  • 2 min read

The secrets behind Chakras of Human Body

There exists a very famous proverb – ‘A car can only run on four wheels and the malfunctioning of even a single wheel can result in the immobility of the car’. Similarly, our human

  • 05/05/2016
  • 1.583K Reads
  • 7 min read

Importance of Housewarming (Grah Pravesh)

A house holds a very important place in the life of any person. One toils very hard and works day and night for securing themselves with a shelter on one’s head. The house fills a person with a

  • 02/04/2016
  • 2.648K Reads
  • 3 min read

Sade Sati – 7 1⁄2 Years Long Period of Saturn (Shani)

While reading a horoscope or Kundali, astrologer pawan kaushik gives utmost attention to the Ascendant. It is the point that tells about one’s physical features and nature. Following this, the

  • 22/03/2016
  • 3.259K Reads
  • 3 min read

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