Benefits of Gemstone

Benefits of Gemstone

A Journey into Gemstone Astrology

Gemstones have fascinated humans for centuries, not just for their beautiful charm but also for their mystical properties. One fantastic aspect of gemstones is their connection to astrology, where

  • 30/11/2023
  • 50 Reads
  • 3 min read

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The Healing Power Of Gemstones

Kings and Queens wore gemstones in the ancient age to show their royal nature and kingship. However, slowly and gradually, it was discovered that pieces of precious stones were valuable both

  • 20/11/2023
  • 103 Reads
  • 4 min read

Fruitful Combination Of Gemstones In Astrology: The Hidden Benefits of Gemstones

Our great sages of ancient times perfected the science of astrology and introduced the magical world of it. Since then, the field has witnessed continuous developments and flourished into many

  • 18/03/2021
  • 1.551K Reads
  • 2 min read

What are the Benefits of Pukhraj Stone?

The planet, Jupiter (Brahaspati) is associated with intellect, divinity and marital bliss. Pukhraj Stone, a precious gemstone helps annul the negative effect of dislocation of Jupiter (Brahaspati) in

  • 15/11/2017
  • 3.603K Reads
  • 1 min read

What are the Benefits of Gomed?

Rahu , one of the most powerful planets has both positive and negative effect on the lives of humans. This shadow planet can cause severe health issues, financial instability and mind-related

  • 15/11/2017
  • 1.22K Reads
  • 1 min read

What are the Benefits of Panna?

Mercury, the planet responsible for physical, mental and emotional balance apart from spiritual growth of an individual is associated with Panna, the precious light and dark-green colored gemstone.

  • 15/03/2017
  • 1.148K Reads
  • 1 min read

What are the Benefits of Moonga?

Mars, the planet of wars, courage and bravery; has negative effect on the lives of people who suffer from Manglik dosha (dosha due to dislocation of planet-Mars in one’s kundli). Moonga acts as the

  • 15/03/2017
  • 1.286K Reads
  • 1 min read

What are the Benefits of Lehsunia?

Ketu, the invisible planet affects a person’s life adversely if it gets dislocated in one’s horoscope (Kundli). In such a situation, a person must wear Lehsunia, the Ketu-Ratna so as to get rid

  • 15/03/2017
  • 1.034K Reads
  • 1 min read

What are the Benefits of Heera?

Venus, the planet of love and beauty is also associated with good luck, success on professional front and loving relationships. Heera, the King of Gemstones helps neutralize the negative effect of

  • 15/03/2017
  • 1.113K Reads
  • 1 min read

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