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Planning To Live In A Shermukhi Plot? Here Is What You Must Do Before Beginning

It has been said on a number of occasions that the shape and size of the plot matters a lot in the science of Vastu Shastra. The aspect of the shape of the plot holds just as much importance as the directions and the orientation of the plot, which is why it is often ensured that irregularly- shaped plots should not be considered for any purpose. Whether you are building a house, constructing a business/shop, or just buying something for investment, always remember that 4 sides are the best.

But the distinct possibilities that exist with 4 sided plots often confuse people between what will be a good choice and what should be avoided. One such distinction happens between the Gaumukhi plots and the Shermukhi plots in the terms that while the former is good for residential plans, the latter is fit for commercial use. And yet, every now and then, people do end up buying Shermukhi plots for residential purposes because of various reasons. If you are also planning to live in a Shermukhi plot, you can rectify the doshas easily by following some rituals. Keep reading the blog to know about the remedies!

What is Shermukhi Plot?

Before we get into the remedies, it is important to understand what a Sher Mukhi plot is. A Shermukhi or Naharmukhi plot is called so because it resembles the face of a Lion (Sher or Nahar). In simpler words, the front of the plot is broader than the back, resembling the face of a lion. These plots are considered good for commercial purposes as it attracts customers and makes them stay in your business.

But, it is considered inauspicious for residential projects except in some cases. For example, in Shermukhi plots that have the extended corner in the North-East Direction, and the road parallel to the entrance is either on the east or north side of the road, then the plot is considered fit for living.

If you have a Naharmukhi plot that does not meet this criterion, there is a very simple remedy for that.

Remedy For Shermukhi Plot for Home

Vastu Shastra states that a plot needs to have 4 sides, anything less or anything more than that will be considered inauspicious. This is why many square and rectangular plots are considered to be the best options for living spaces. While Shermukhi plots are not square or rectangular, they can be made to appear that way.

Removing the extra space by erecting a straight wall is a great way to make the plot regular in shape. Since the angle of slope from the back to the front is not much steep, you can build a straight wall from the back to the front and will mostly have to do it only on one side of the plot. Regularising the shape of the plot can be of great value as it will help you in removing the Shermukhi obstacle from the Vastu Purush of your new home.

However, this is not something that you can just do on your own without understanding Vastu Shastra first. It is a science that has developed to be in its current state through thousands of years and only learned Vastu consultant in India like Pt Pawan Kaushik can help you understand the right way of doing things. Book your appointment with the expert today for the best results in your home’s energies.

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