shani dosh Astrology relies upon several factors that determine a person’s interaction with the events in his/her life. Most of these factors are categorized under the movement and influence of stars and planets at the time of a person’s birth. Depending upon the alignment of the stars and planets, such movement can result in both favorable and harmful events in our lives. One such case is of the Shani Dosha or the defect of Saturn in a person’s horoscope. One must have heard of the Shani Dosha and the 7 and a half years of bad luck that it brings in the life of a person. To know more about the effects of Shani Dosha and how to get rid of the ill effects, read this blog.

What is Shani Dosha?

Shani Dosha is described as the ill placement, weak positioning, or negative designation of the Saturn planet in a person’s Natal Charts or Kundali. The entry of Saturn into a house that already has Mars, Moon, and Rahu can also be the cause of Shani Dosha.

Duration of the Effect Of Shani Dosha

The famous Saade Saati (7 and a half years) is the first thing that pops up in a person’s head when they think about Shani Dosha. In several cases, that is the most severe effect that Shani Dosha has on the afflicted. However, there also happens to be a condition of Ashtama Shani Iswara, when Saturn sits in the 8th house and brings difficulty in life for about 2.5 years. This is because Saturn takes about 2.5 years to cross out of a house and about 30 years to complete one cycle through all the houses. Sensing that this could have hurt the regime of the Sun God in the Universe, the gods prayed to Astika Muni to stop the Yagna. This was how Takshaka was saved on the 5th day of the month of Shravana, which then began to be celebrated as Nag Panchami.

Causes of Shani Dosha

Unlike other natal defects in Vedic Astrology, Shani Dosha is said to happen in a person’s birth chart because of the practices he adopted in his previous birth. The causes of Shani dosha include:

Effects of Shani Dosha

Shani (Saturn) is known to give blessings like prosperity, great health, and fulfillment when it is favorable. But an angered or weak Shani can destroy a person’s life with ill effects like these.
  • Obstructions and delays in work and results
  • Poverty and Misery
  • Problematic married life, with some cases of delay as well
  • Arguments, quarrels, and other discrepancies in relationships.
  • Loss in business or failures in the profession
  • Cheating or theft and monetary damages, including out-of-control loans and debt
  • Injuries and accidents leading up to Paralysis
  • Respiratory problems, including asthma
  • Chronic disorders like AIDS, Cancer, and Diabetes.

Remedies for Shani Dosha

Shani is feared as maleficent, which is not his true nature. He is the son of the Sun God and the elder brother of Yama with temper issues, which has granted him this reputation. Shani is known to be a generous and forerunner of justice. To calm him is to bring him onto your side. Here are some ways suggested by the best astrologer in India to get rid of the ill effects of the Shani Dosha:
  • Fast: Saturdays are the days of the Saturn God; it is therefore suggested to fast on 51 Saturdays to appease Shani God. After sunset, One must break the fast with only Khichdi (Rice and Urad Dal) and Sesame seed broth for best results.
  • Charities and Donations: Donate to the poor on Saturdays.
  • Prayers: One must chant Hanuman Chalisa to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays and Tuesdays.
  • Gemstone: It is suggested that a person with Shani dosha should get a gemstone recommendation and wear a Blue Sapphire, Shani Yantra Pendant, or a ring made from the horseshoe of a black horse. Organise or perform Yajnas like the Vedic Yajna and the Shani Graha Shanti Yajna. Also, keep chanting the Shani Mantra and the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra.


Shani Dosha, or any other natal defect, is infamous only because they are linked to our previous birth, which isn’t in our control. But the life we live after is something that we can control. And that is why following these remedies can prove to be effective. For more guidance and accurate gemstone recommendations on Shani Dosha and astrological remedies, get in touch with Pandit Pawan Kaushik. He is the best astrologer in India who has 30+ years of experience in giving effective astrological advice to his clients. To know more about his services, visit our site and book a consultation today!