Every parent aspires for a ‘Happily Married’ life for his children. They put in their best efforts to make this dream a reality. Sometimes this wish comes true while sometimes, despite endless efforts, they fail to find a suitable match for their children. No matter the native is blessed with appealing personality, financial security and humble nature, if there exists any kind of Vastu dosh, it can lead to constant rejections and downfalls in life. It can repel any prospective match and lead to a delayed marriage. If you are unable to find a right match, have a look at the following Vastu tips that can very soon ring the wedding bells at your place.

Say ‘NO’ to Underground Water Tank

For getting marriage at an apt age, it is advisable not to have an underground water tank at home. If you already have an underground tank in your house, special precaution should be taken. Never place the tanks in the south-west corner of the house as it lead to pre-marital discords and adversely affect the female members of the house.

Take Care of the Slopes in the House

Make sure that your house slopes from Northeast to Southwest so that the sunrays enter your house directly and lightens the house air and atmosphere. This makes the environment favorable for pious occasions such as marriage.

Avoid Staircase

If you are facing hurdles in finding a right partner, then, it can be due to staircase inside your home. Prefer building stairs outside your house, if that isn’t possible, then strictly avoid staircase at the centre part of the house. Avoid building spiral stairs as they bring bad health and makes the native unfit for a long-lasting marriage.

Direction of the Room

For Women: The rooms of unmarried girls should be in the Northwest zone of the house. If that is not possible, then second most preferred direction is extreme Western. Southwest direction is strictly prohibited for a girl’s room since this direction provides stability and hinders their early marriage. For Boys: The most appropriate directions for young boys’ rooms are Northeast, extreme south and extreme west as these directions brings in positive vibrations that in turn favors their wedding.

Paint the Walls with Vibrant Colors

The bedroom walls of unmarried girls and boys looking forward to tie knots should be painted with cheerful, refreshing colors such as pink, light yellow or white since these colors remove the negative energies and any prevailing or forthcoming obstacles in marriage.

Sleeping Direction

For Women: Women are suggested to sleep in South or West direction as it helps stabilize the mind, thoughts and make the women more patient and humble. For Men: Men are advised to sleep facing south as it helps reduce the aggression level and frequent mood swings, resulting in a balanced mind.

Let your Bed breathe a little

Do not keep heavy belongings underneath your bed as it builds up negative energy, which in turn create complications while fixing a marriage.

With these simple Vastu tips, you witness your dream of finding a perfect life partner coming to reality. Seek help of an expert Vastu consultant for more tips on finding the right partner.