Holi, once again is knocking our doors and is luring us with gujiyas, bhang pakodas and various shades of colors. We are all set to celebrate Holika this year on 12th March, followed by Dhulandi on 13th March. There is no age or gender bar on this vibrant festival of colors!

Although Holi is a festival of colors, are you not curious to know what do these different colors denote? Why do different people prefer different colors? You will be surprised to know that even colors are related to a respective Zodiac signs. Come, let us explore the colors that you should just not miss this Holi!


Red associates the best with this fire sign of the Zodiac! Red signifies love, compassion and confidence and thus ignites warmth and compassion inside an Aries. Apart from lifting up the spirits of an Aries, red color fills them with a lot of enthusiasm and courage.


As an Earth sign, Taurus blends best with the color, blue! This color grants soothing effect to the bull-headed Taurus. It helps enhance the intellect of a Taurus, and is known to bring peace and harmony in their lives. Besides this, the color Green is also suitable for this sign of the Zodiac.


Geminis are highly active and are always full of energy! Sunshine Yellow is what works best for them. It boosts up their energy levels and makes way for prosperity in their lives. Silver and pearl grey are also favorable for the Geminis.


People born under this Zodiac are known for their sensitive and emotional nature. Their need for security can be best satisfied with the color, white. They constantly suffer from mood swings; and hence a cool color like white can help them stay calm and composed.


The jungle king, lion, represents Leo! One can calm down a lion by coloring them with beautiful. Bright colors like blood red, copper and golden do the required magic on a Leo. These colors are known to enhance their dynamic appearance.


Virgos are the most practical signs of the Zodiac. Their personality merges best with colors like peach, yellow and brown. The color green also adds liveliness to this sign of the Zodiac.


Librans need magical colors for healing their personality and brown, violet and light blue do the magic for them. These vibrant colors improve their understanding; and also keep them calm and composed. Librans can feel the change in their moods once they start using these colors in their day to day life!


Scorpios are known for their highly intensive and full of mystery temperament. They, therefore, should only go for the dark shades like maroon, black and grey as they can bring positive vibes in all the aspects of their life.


Sagittarius does not trade their freedom and independence for anything. They are the most enthusiastic sign of the Zodiac and must always chose colors like purple, dark red and indigo. These specific colors help them control their short temperedness and unusual flare ups to a great extent.


Capricorns work very hard for a stable and secured life. Dark colors like black, rusty brown and dark shades of blue are the ideal colors for them. These colors add a little earthy touch to their lives and help them go independent and stable.


Aquarius exerts themselves a lot in order to reach heights of success. Indigo is the color that brings a little relief and peace in their hectic life. Indigo brings a soothing effect on this sign of the Zodiac and helps maintain peaceful atmosphere all around.


Pisces are dreamers and prefer living in their imaginative world. The vibrant color red which signifies passion is the best suited for the Fish sign. Red fills a Pisces with confidence and controls their sensitive side. Now that you are aware of the colors and their significance, get ready and chose the color that can bring out the best of you on this Holi!