The year 2018 will be an exception to the famous idiom – ‘once in a blue moon’, as you will see two blue moons in a single year.

Two Blue Moons After 19 Years

Usually, blue moons don’t occur that soon. It is an extremely rare occurrence to have two blue moons in a single calendar year. The last time it happened was 19 years ago, in the year 1999 and according to astrological and astronomical predictions, it won’t happen again until the year 2037, that is, 19 years from now.

The starting month of 2018 – January witnessed the first blue moon of the year on 31st Jan and now, just two months later, the year’s second blue moon will be observed on 31st March. This is going to be the second and the final blue moon of 2018.

13 Full Moons in 2018

With two blue moons happening in the same calendar year, 2018 will have 13 full moons. Another point to note is that the month of February had no full moon in 2018.

Astrological Significance of a Blue Moon

In astrological terms, even a full moon is considered fruitful and fulfilling. It is believed to be a good time for making commitments and decisions. A blue moon is even more fulfilling – the time to get things done. It leaves an aura of excitement, energy and emotions. You can utilise the energy of a blue moon to achieve great things. But, be cautious of your deeds. The blue moon doesn’t know to pick the right fruits. If you channelize the blue moon energy in unhelpful or self-destructive tasks, the results would be just too bad for you. So, be careful of what you do on a blue moon day.

Get your equipment ready to enjoy and capture the second blue moon of the year on 31st March, 2018. It won’t happen any soon again.

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