Know the Reason behind Throwing Coins in a River

We all have seen people throwing coins in holy rivers, with an expectation that it would bring good luck. It is a common practice all over the world that is followed by people of different cultures due to different reasons. There is a section of people who don’t know the exact reason behind throwing coins in the river.

Why people throw coins?

There are many beliefs behind the coin throwing custom. Majorly there are two main reasons behind throwing coins in the river. One is a traditional belief and the other one is a scientific belief.

  • The traditional belief
    The rivers are considered to be the most significant source of fresh water and it helps various works like irrigation, agriculture, electricity production and drinking. In India, the rivers are worshipped by many people as they worship different rivers as various goddesses. In India, it is believed that it brings the goddess of Wealth (Devi Laxmi) to your house.

  • The scientific belief
    In the ancient time all the civilizations used to live near lakes, rivers and other water bodies. The rivers were the only source of receiving fresh water at that time and this clean water was essential for survival. In the ancient time the coins were generally made of copper instead of stainless steel. Copper has some vital properties that are beneficial for humans and it also has a vital property to attract dust. The intake of this metal in small amounts is also beneficial for the human body. If the copper coins remain in the water for long then a proportion of copper gets dissolved in water that enriches the water.
    Due to the presence of copper coins in the river, the dust settles down at the bottom of the river and makes the top free from dirt.

Unfortunately, there is no copper based currency in India now and following this practice for other metal currency doesn’t offer such benefits. People still do it for good luck but there are no scientific benefits of the same.

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