Out of all the planets, none compares to the negative consequences a weak Ketu can usher in an individual’s life. If not corrected in time, a weak Ketu can be an invitation to a series of problems. Ketu can cause distress and negativity both in personal and professional life. But, Cat’s eye gemstone astrology offers us with a precise solution to overcome the ill-effects of Ketu.

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone: The Solution to Ketu

Also known as Lehsunia, the Cat’s eye gemstone is considered to have the best healing power for removing Ketu Dasha. If worn under the guidance of an expert, Lehsunia can help a person turn a new chapter of positivity and prosperity in life.

But before delving deep into the healing effects of the gem, let’s look at some of the indicators of a weak Ketu.

Signs of a Weak Ketu

● A person who is depressed and feels too attached to the past

● A person suffering from deteriorating health issues such as blood pressure, ulcers, persistent bowel issues, etc.

● A person who feels detached from family and close friends

How the Cat’s Eye Gemstone Nullifies Malefic Ketu?

The Cat’s Eye Gemstone has metaphysical powers and properties that help a person nullify the malefic effects of Ketu. In some cases, the gemstone has even proved effective in life-threatening diseases.

Brings Good Luck:

Wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone overpowers the negative sides of Ketu to attract good luck. It helps in creating a positive and healthy state of mind which allows the individual to stay content and blissful.

Attracts Prosperity:

Ketu Mahadasha can hurt the financial well-being of an individual. Wearing a Cats Eye gemstone helps an individual to concentrate on work and recover from business or job loss.

Helps Overcome Depression:

Ketu Dasha can leave a person depressed and hopeless. In the worst of cases, an individual may feel a complete detachment from the material world. This experience is in no way similar to enlightenment. In fact, the experience is similar to feeling lost and purposeless in life.

Wearing a Cat’s Eye Gemstone, helps an individual reconnect to the world and get rid of anxieties and depression. It reignites the individual’s intellect and restores the individual’s appreciation for life.

Heals Diseases:

Few gemstones have healing properties like the Cat’s Eye Gemstone. The gemstone has proved to be particularly useful in treating respiratory illnesses like asthma and bronchitis. In other acute diseases like paralysis and migraine, the usefulness of the gemstone is well-proven.

Helps Control Emotions and Prevent Mishaps:

Our emotions are at the nucleus of our actions. What we think and perceive guides our actions. Naturally, negative emotions result in negative actions which in turn bear less than desirable results.

A Cat’s eye gemstone helps an individual get a better hold on inner turmoils and emotions. It restores the emotional balance, which acts as a magnet for positive change and prevents actions that might lead to mishaps or misunderstanding.

Why Consulting an Expert Matters?

It’s easy to think that wearing a Cat’s eye stone alone will get rid of Ketu Mahadasha. But more often than not, Ketu Dasha is associated with other planetary positions and movements. It is always advisable to consult a gemstone expert before wearing the gemstone. If you too are suffering from the ill-effects of Ketu, click on the link to consult Pt. Pawan Kaushik, a very famous astrologer in Gurgaon His expertise and knowledge will help you find the perfect remedy to Ketu.