Do you know that Moon Signs determine your nurturing nature? The Sun Signs indicate the egoistic nature of a person while the Moon Signs reflect their emotional side. Motherhood always has a touch of emotions. The Moon Sign of a mother helps in determining the amount and the way she will bestow love upon her child. Let’s read and find out what kind of a mother you will become :

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Aries

You will always be on toes for your child. Right from keeping them secured from any threat to keenly taking care of their future-building, you will always be actively involved in every part of their life. You would take care more of the areas that can make your child a better person in the future.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Taurus

You will always make sure that your child learns the importance of discipline in life. Apart from being a constant support pillar, you will leave no stone unturned in making them well-behaved. However, because of too much love for the child, you will sometimes cross the line of possessiveness.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Gemini

You are an alert mother and even when you are not around your child, you will always keep yourself updated of their activities. You focus primarily on providing the best form of education to your offspring. Despite being stuck in your professional world for earning money to provide the quality lifestyle to your child, you will always maintain a hawk eye on them.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Cancer

You are an extremely sensitive mother. You instinctively know what can fulfill the needs of your child. You are generally loving and extremely caring. Kids born to you would be pampered and undoubtedly the kids in the neighbourhood will call you ‘the best mother’.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Leo

There is a childhood in you that pops out when you have your own little ones. You play with them, plan park outings with them and clap the hardest when they achieve something in life. However, remember that you should never force your ambitions upon your child, intentionally or unintentionally.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Virgo

You will be the sort of mother that will direct all her energies towards making her child self-reliant. You would be a strong mother who will keep a track of everything related to them. As an organized person, you will try to cultivate the same good habits in your child. However, despite being your best, the constant fear of underperforming as a mother will haunt you.

Moon in the Zodiac sign Libra

You are the nucleus around which the entire family revolves. You prefer peace and positivity in the house and thus when the kids will punch each other during fights; you will absolutely lose your temper. You focus on teaching your children etiquettes as you believe that this is what will define them in the society later on.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Scorpio

You will emotionally manipulate your child sometimes when they will try to go against your will. It is impossible to figure out the mindset of a Scorpio mother. You will always guess what your child is thinking and would never bother to ask them straightaway. You will always be an updated mother who would be two steps ahead of them. The hot and cold temperament of yours would make you a mysterious figure for the child.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius

You will cultivate the importance of moral values and good deeds in the child. You will make them see the positive aspects of life by telling them the phrase again and again- ‘There’s a silver lining behind every dark cloud’. You will always be lively and chubby with your child.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Being a hardworking person, you will become a totally ‘no-nonsense’ mother. Before the birth of a child, you would have already set certain standards as a mother on which you will strictly stick. You will always be an ideal mother for your child given your extreme habit of caring and loving them. The children will love you but at the same they would be respectful towards you.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Aquarius

You are a progressive mother who follows her own principles when it comes to motherhood. You cultivate creativity in your child and make them explore the ‘out-of-the-box’ ways of solving problems or leading life. The biggest gift that you give to your child is ‘freedom of mind’. However, you need to remember this that your child is young and inexperienced, so you must never expect them to behave in an adult manner.

Moon in the Zodiac Sign Pisces

You are an over-emotional mother who feels that all the pains and sufferings of the child must be absorbed by you. Your timid nature can hurt you at times as children do get cuts and bruises while growing up. However, you will take care of even the smallest needs of the child and would try to cultivate a sense of imagination in them that you also strongly possess. The daily bedtime stories that you tell your child will give those moments to them that they will cherish all their lives.