Our home is where we live and thrive, yes, but it is also the one place in our universe where we make our own small space to pray. One of the most important things that we do in our homes is setting up our own prayer room, where we give a high place to our gods and ancestors. This is the one area in our home that we consider to be the most sacred.

The vibes of this area of the home are always positive, and that is why we often find ourselves in a serene comfort in our prayer rooms. But Vastu Shastra has some really important rules that you need to follow when it comes to your prayer room. While its placement, direction, layout, and dimensions are all important things to remember, an aspect that often goes unnoticed is what things you keep in your prayer room.

So, here is a Vastu Shastra approved list of things that you must definitely keep in your temple for the benefit of your positive energies.

What You Must Keep In Your Temple


While it is obvious that you must keep an idol in your prayer room, there are certain things you must remember about the placement of your idols. Make sure that you place the ideal in a direction where they are either facing the north or the east directions. You need to keep them at least 6 inches away from the wall and at a height where their feet line up with your chest. The space between the idol and the wall is to let the air pass through whenever you light any incense nearby.


Obviously, no prayer room is complete without storage space to keep all the sacred books and other religious items in. Ensure that you have a dedicated space to keep all your religious text, sacred thread, wicks, incense sticks, and everything else important used in pooja in the future.

Copper Vessels

We keep a lot of vessels in the prayer room for different purposes like offering water to the sun God or energise the water for prayers. And while there are a number of options available for these vessels, you must always keep at least one copper vessel in the prayer room. They are considered auspicious and must be kept in the pooja room.


Diyas, especially earthen Diyas are an important part of any prayer room in the Indian tradition. They bring light, positivity, and are an integral part of all our prayers. From the evening aarti to poojas for special occasions, we make sure that there is a Diya in our preparations. It is important to light a Diya every evening in your prayer room, and thus, you must keep a Diya in your mandir.


Conch shells hold a really significant position in our culture as they were one of the objects that were the sea churned out when the gods performed ‘Samudra Manthan’. Every great occasion starts with the sound of a conch shell being blown which is why your prayer room must have one as it brings auspiciousness and also balances the water element of your home.

Prayer rooms are important as this is the one place where we connect with the divine. We forget our worries and devote ourselves to praying to our gods and seek their blessings to give us strength and vigour. A renowned Vastu expert and the best Jyotish in India , Pt Pawan Kaushik helps you in planning your house according to Vastu Shastra and in compliance with your own horoscope. If you are looking for the right solutions for your problem, book your appointment with Pt Pawan Kaushik today.