A building or complex can have multiple defects. The magnitude of these defects entirely depends upon the direction in which they are located. The Vastu principles revolve around the eight major directions, but the directions of Northeast, Southwest, Northwest, and Southeast are considered to have crucial orientations.

The Northeast corner is considered the magic corner of the property. This corner will always be on the receiving end, be it wealth, health, and prosperity. On the other hand, if the Southwest corner is more prominent, your luck can take an exit from there. The other two directions also have a lot of impact on your life.

So, here we have compiled a list of major defects and their remedies for these directions.

When does Vastu Dosh Occur?

According to the experienced astrologers, Vastu Dosh Occur in conditions when

  • The kitchen is built above the master bedroom
  • House is situated on T point
  • Cooking in West direction
  • Obstacles in front of the main gate of the property
  • Hanging beam in the bedroom
  • Mirror in front of the master bed and more.
Defects and Their Effects on the Personal Life of the People

Here are some common Vastu Dosh based on the directions of the properties.

  • 1. Southeast Dosh – This Vastu Dosh can lead to health-related issues, delayed marriage, financial constraints, legal issues, misunderstanding, and so on.
  • 2. Southwest Dosh – If you have any prominent rooms in this direction, you can experience issues like bad health, fear of fire, fear of theft, no auspicious event in the house, lack of peace and strained relationships.
  • 3. Northeast Defects – You can experience issues like business disputes, family disputes, bad children behaviour, divorce case, accidents, injuries, frequent surgeries, legal disputes, and financial problems.
  • 4. Northwest Defects – The property owner can experience issues like legal issues, enmity, legal disputes with the government, separation from family and friends, and so on.
What are the Remedies?

Is there a solution to all these issues? Fortunately yes! Let’s see what the possible remedies to ward off the evil are.

  • Camphor Crystals – Camphor balls are an effective remedy to ward off any negative energy generated due to the dosh of the directions.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors are an effective remedy to balance the negative and positive energy in a household. Make sure you consult an experienced Vastu expert to know the right mirror directions.
  • Colours – Colours play a vital role in enhancing the positivity in a property. Every colour has its own vibrations and effects on the well-being of the people. You must always choose subtle and light colours for your home.
  • Pyramids – Vastu pyramids are recommended to the people who face constant bad luck and health issues in their life.

These were the major direction defects and their remedies. However, there are other doshas that can be present in a home, which must be rectified properly to allow the flow of positive energy. For analysing the doshas present in the home, you can consult one of the leading Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR , Pt. Pawan Kaushik. He has extensive knowledge of Vastu Shastra principles and years of experience in helping people who sought out his counsel.