What are the Health Benefits of Amethyst?

The necessity of writing a detailed description of the health benefits of different gemstones have always remained a point of discussion among different astrologers. After a lot of research study and years of experience, it has been found that gems like tourmaline and Amethyst offers a wide range of benefits. So, here is a collection of information that is derived from different sources concerning Amethyst and the associated benefits. The source of power in this gemstone or any other gemstones is the intense heat and energy, which the gems receive from within the earth’s crust during their formation. The gem has a high potential to reflect & absorb different frequencies and transfer them to fluids and blood plasma, which ultimately cure the ailments. Amethyst provides amazing health benefits by producing a small magnetic field, which interacts and exchange energy with the body’s magnetic field. The stone also generates long-wave radiations that work wonders for the body.

Cell-Regeneration : Several studies have revealed that Amethyst supports cell growth because of the emission of longwave radiations. The long-waves basically increase the energy levels in the body, which promote the growth of healthy cells. The increase in the body further allows the skin to repair itself from varied damages.

Blood Circulation : This must not come as a surprise to many as the body’s magnetic field aids in streamlining the flow of blood. Amethyst just helps in boosting the magnetic field lying within the human body. The iron particles in the blood get attracted to the field, and there is more substantial perfusion of blood flow, which also reduces the risk of heart attacks.

Detoxification : You might be aware that Amethyst is one of the ingredients in the detox foot pads. This is because the production of rays helps in detoxification. The gem carries negative ions, which draws positive charge present in toxins and hazardous waste in the body.

Sleeping Support : A number of experiments with animals have uncovered that the long-wave radiations or far-infrared regulations regulate sleep patterns. Amethyst provides a relaxing effect on the mind and makes it stress-free by emitting low-level of these radiations.

Fights Bacteria : Some bacteria are dangerous for the human body as they interact with a wide range of antigens & antibodies and hamper their functioning. Amethyst aids in the inhibition of harmful bacterial activities by removing these from the body; and hence promote good health.

Essential Tip : Amethyst is widely available in the market; however, many stones available in the market are not natural and are produced artificially by treating them with heat. You have to be careful while selecting Amethyst.

This powerful, comforting, and sturdy gemstone should be a part of your daily life. The magic of this beautiful gem is real; so, don’t be sceptical about using it. For guidance on which gem to wear, visit the site.