Moon, symbolic of love, peace, calmness and softness; affects a person’s life adversely if it gets displaced from its usual favorable position in one’s horoscope or kundli. Moti, the precious gemstone, helps neutralize the negative effect of Moon in one’s life.

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Moti?

  • Sharpens Brain Activity :Moti helps activate brain cells and promotes sharp intellect.
  • Get rid of Deadly Diseases : Wearing Moti helps cure deadly heart diseases, kidney problems even improper sleep patterns.
  • Peaceful Mind :People, who lose temper very easily, are advised to wear Moti as this gemstone calms down a person’s anger and favors a peaceful, restful mind with enormous patience.
  • Attractive Feminine Beauty : Wearing Moti enhances a female’s facial beauty by promoting fair complexion and appealing features.
  • Childbirth-Healthy Mother and Healthy Child : The expecting mother, being at risk of pre-natal complications, must wear Moti as this precious gemstone promotes normal delivery of child along with good health of both mother and the infant (new-born child).

Despite innumerable benefits of Moti, care should be taken while wearing it as it can be worn with other jewels such as gold so as to make it much more effective. For more information regarding gemstones, refer Pt. Pawan Kaushik