Manikya or Ruby, the gemstone of love, authority and wealth helps cancel the negative effect of dislocation of Sun in one’s horoscope (kundli).

Major 5 Advantages of wearing Manikya:

  • Successful Career : A person inflicted with adverse effect of Sun is advised to wear Manikya as this gemstone brings in authority, fame and good opportunities in a person’s professional life.
  • Strong Bond among Family Members : If you are facing troubles in family, especially with father, then, Manikya is the best gemstone for you! It helps strengthen the bond of love among family members and solves all prevailing family disputes.
  • Marital Bliss : Manikya also promotes love, understanding, trust and compatibility among the spouses by resolving their differences and bridging the gap between them.
  • Healthy Life : Manikya acts as an antidote for all physical ailments; be it eyesight issues, blood circulation problems or stomach infections.
  • Keep you away from Depression : Nowadays, people commonly suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and tension. To get rid of this ever-increasing stress, one is advised to wear Manikya, the stress-reliever gemstone!

In spite of countless uses of Manikya, one must be careful while wearing it, since it comes in various shapes, sizes and colors; and wearing it without an expert guidance from gemstone specialist, can lead to financial loss, deadly health problems and family quarrels. To know more about Manikya and other gemstones, refer