Ketu, the invisible planet affects a person’s life adversely if it gets dislocated in one’s horoscope (Kundli). In such a situation, a person must wear Lehsunia, the Ketu-Ratna so as to get rid of the malefic effect of Ketu in one’s life.

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Lehsunia:

  • Financial Gain : Wearing Lehsunia gemstone helps one gain immense wealth and enjoy a luxurious life full of comforts.
  • Get Rid of Unhealthy Habits : A person indulged in wrong habits of smoking, drinking and drug-abuse is advised to wear Lehsunia so as to get rid of these life-threatening addictions.
  • Remain Healthy : Wearing Lehsunia develops a person’s interest in consumption of healthy food and disinterest in junk food full of cholesterol, fats and chemicals.
  • Relaxes Mind : Lehsunia calms down one’s stress, tension, nervousness and helps the wearer win over depression and other brain-related ailments.
  • Spiritual Bliss : Wearing Lehsunia makes one grow on the path of spirituality and purifies the wearer’s soul of all evil thoughts, feelings and tendencies.

Apart from enjoying the numerous benefits of Lehsunia gemstone, one must consult a gemstone expert before wearing it as its different size and color produces different impact on a person’s life. For more information regarding gemstones, refer