Rahu , one of the most powerful planets has both positive and negative effect on the lives of humans. This shadow planet can cause severe health issues, financial instability and mind-related problems; such malefic effects of Rahu can be counteracted by wearing Rahu-Ratna , Gomed.

Top 5 Benefits of wearing Gomed:

  • Stress-Reliever : Wearing Gomed helps one get rid of ever-increasing stress, tension, anxiety and, depressive suicidal tendencies.
  • Luxurious Life : Gomed helps one enjoy a life of name, fame and boundless riches.
  • Cures Deadly Diseases : Gomed assists in the speedy recovery of patients suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, heart attack and hemorrhoids.
  • Keeps Away from Evil Eye : Wearing Gomed protects the wearer from black magic and other evil forces prevailing in one’s environment.
  • Successful Profession : Gomed greatly benefits those in the field of politics, law, government services, trade and public relations.

Apart from numerous advantages of wearing Gomed, one must be careful with its usage as it comes in various shapes and sizes, and wearing a wrong shape or size can make chaos in the native’s personal and professional life. For more information regarding gemstones, refer www.pawankaushik.com