Emerald, the precious gemstone is responsible for wisdom, spirituality and emotional balance. The dislocation of planet, Mercury (Budh) in one’s horoscope or kundli produces adverse effect on a person’s personal and professional life.

5 Major Advantages of wearing Emerald

  • Spiritual knowledge : A person in pursuit of spiritual awakening must wear Emerald since this gemstone deepens a person’s spiritual activities (sadhana, seva, satsang and swadhyaya) and yields better results.
  • Good Communication Skills : Wearing Emerald helps a person develop confidence and improve upon his/her communication abilities.
  • Good Fortune : Light or dark green Emerald favors the inflow of immense wealth in the wearer’s life.
  • Creative and Innovative Mind :People who are in the creative fields such as art, crafts, music, language etc are suggested to wear Emerald as this precious gemstone makes the native’s mind creative, innovative and artistic.
  • Balance of Emotions : Wearing Emerald makes a person emotionally-balanced and stable as people inflicted with misery caused by dislocation of mercury in their horoscope, are way too emotional, sensitive and sentimental.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages of wearing Emerald, one must take specialized advice from a gemstone consultant as wearing Emerald of wrong size and shape, can cause severe material and health loss. For more information regarding various gemstones, refer www.pawankaushik.com