Diamond (Heera), the hardest gemstone and the woman’s best friend; governs the effect of Venus (Shukra) on the lives of people. Despite its numerous advantages, one must be cautious during its usage as wearing it under unfavorable conditions of time and place, can cause irreparable loss.

When to Wear Diamond (Heera)?

Diamond (Heera) must be worn on Fridays between 5am to 7am during Shukla Paksha or as recommended by gemstone experts.

How to Wear Diamond (Heera)?

  • Diamond Jewels :Diamond can be worn in any form of jewelry such as ring, pendant, necklace, earrings, anklets or braclets.
  • Can be worn with other Precious Metals : Diamond or Heera jewels can be worn with plating of gold, silver or platinum. Also, diamond should touch the wearer’s skin for best results.
  • Right Finger : Men are advised to wear Diamond (Heera) ring in middle or little finger while women should wear it in the ring finger for better results.
  • Appropriate Weight : For good results, one should wear Diamond (Heera) weighing upto one carat or as advised by gemstone specialists.
  • Method Followed :
    • After taking an early morning bath, dip Diamond (Heera) in cow’s milk or gangajal for about half an hour.
    • Next, place it on an unused white cotton cloth along with Venus Yantra and pinch of Saffron.
    • Chant the below mantra (108 times) and wear your stone.
ॐ शंु शुकराए नम:

Though Diamonds are everyone’s favorite, one must remember the very fact that Heera can make your life hell, if worn without proper guidance. To know more about gemstones, refer famous astrologer in gurgaon Pawan kaushik