Vastu Tips for Strengthening Family Bonds

Relationships are beautiful when there is happiness, love and affection among the couple. Sometimes, misunderstandings and arguments can disturb the harmony in relationships. Are you aware that some Vastu defects are capable of creating emotional instability? The placement of certain things if done in a wrong way can lead to breakups and unnecessary fights.

Why is it important to make your house Vastu-friendly?

The way one shapes their house, the same way a house shapes the conscious and personality of a person. A lot of emotions run around in a house which governs the relationships of individuals living in it. Any kind of Vastu Dosha can deeply affect the mood of the natives.
There are 16 zones in a house, according to Vastu Shastra, which are powerful and capable of influencing relationships. The South-West direction affects the relationship of ‘Husband-Wife’ and ‘Parent-Child’ whereas North-West is the direction that strengthens your bond with your relatives who are an important part of everyone’s life. Follow the below Vastu tips for re-instilling love in your relationships:

Add Yellow to the Main Entrance of the House

If your house entrance is in the South-West, then as per Vastu you must place a yellow mat on the door. This improves your communication with the family members. Also, if possible, put yellow curtains in this direction or paint the wall in yellow colour. This controls the aggressive behavior of the people living in the house.

Direction of the Rooms

The quality of the relationship between husband and wife largely affects the environment of a house. As per Vastu, the placement of their bedroom must always be in the South direction. This prevents arguments and sustains the love in their relationship. You can also put a pair of love birds in the South-West corner.

Hang Family pictures in the South

If the atmosphere in a house is peaceful, people living in the house also prosper and remain in the best of their health. The bond of love between families strengthens by hanging a family picture on the south-west wall of the house.

Avoid Red in Puja Room

It is strictly advised to never light a red bulb in the puja room as it hampers the harmony in relationships. Also, avoid red paints or posters to ensure a pleasant environment.

Green plants in the North

As per Vastu Shastra, it is auspicious to sow green trees and plants in the North area of the house. This helps build trust in relationships and strengthen family bonds.
Family is a small world that helps us in emerging strong during the low times and shares our happiness during the good times. It is important that the coordination between family members should be healthy and beautiful. Vastu Shastra helps you in striking the right cord so that the tune of your relationship must always sound melodious.