Mirrors play a major role in our daily life. We always love peeping into the mirrors every time before we step out of our house to make sure that we look fine. But do you know that in Vastu Shastra, mirrors and their placement holds a lot of significance? If are still ignorant about their placements and value, the information that you are about to read will guide you in a full-fledged way.

In Vastu Shastra, Mirrors are termed as a remedy tool that helps in rectifying the Vastu doshas. They are capable of attracting fortunes that one cannot even imagine. They bring in happiness and wealth if they are put or placed according to Vastu principles.

Why are mirrors important?

Mirrors are considered powerful for the effects that they produce. They not only attract positivity but also repel negativity. They are capable of –

  • Doubling up your wealth and income.
  • Sending positive energies away from the house.
  • Absorbing the negative energies of a place.

How they double up your wealth?

According to Vastu, if one places a mirror in front of a locker, the income that comes in it gets doubled. This makes the financial condition of a person better day by day.

How they repel positive energies?

If you place the mirror on the entrance door, the positive energies that might be entering your arena will get repelled. A mirror if placed on the main door acts in a negative manner and sends away the good and happy things. Therefore, you should never place the mirror on the main entrance!

How do they absorb negativity?

A lot of people come to and fro in our house right from the morning till Midnight. They may be friends, family members, milkman, maid, salesperson or any other regular visitor. Not all people carry positive energy with them. The mirrors are wondrous as according to Vastu; they absorb the negative energies that might be coming with a particular thing or person in our house.

Vastu-friendly directions for mirrors

  • North and East are the ideal directions for hanging wall clocks or decorative mirror showpieces.
  • There must always be a difference of 4 to 5 feet between the mirror and the floor.
  • Fish Aquariums are also made of glass. They must always be kept in the North or East direction of the living room.
  • Always keep the televisions in the South-East portion. It is advised that when the TV is not being watched, its screen must be covered.

Vastu defects that are rectified by mirrors

  • The couples who get into a lot of arguments must keep a dressing table adjacent to their bed. It must be placed in such a manner that while sleeping or sitting on the bed, they must not be able to see their reflection on it.
  • Place a mirror opposite to a beautiful scenic view (if there is any) on the window of your room. This replicates the joy and positivity of the scene into your living space.
  • If any corner of your house has cuts, placing a mirror on that can eliminate the Vastu defect.
  • If you place a mirror in such a way that it reflects the image of your dining table, it doubles up your wealth and food.
  • If ever you get a feeling that a particular direction in the house is spreading negativity, then placing a mirror in that particular area can take off a lot of your worries as mirrors have the power of absorbing negativity!

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always place rectangular or square mirrors in the house.
  • Never place a mirror on the main entrance.
  • Never place a mirror in the opposite side of where you sleep. The body parts that become visible in the mirror can develop medical troubles.
  • Avoid hanging a mirror in the study room or near the study table. It leads to distraction.
  • Mirrors must never be placed opposite to each other. This makes a person restless and impatient. Mirrors are an essential part of our lives as we come across them daily. If you place them wisely in your residential or commercial space, they can give you miraculous results!

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