Man is a social animal by nature. They love to interact and enjoy with their friends and family. Living Room is the space in a house where they can do all of this! This is the main reason why Vastu Shastra considers living room an important part of the house that must be placed and maintained in accordance with the Vastu principles.

Which direction is right for your Living Room?

  • Construction of the Living room must always be done in the East or North direction of the house. This brings prosperity and good health in the family.
  • If you are not a very social person, North-West is the direction in which you should create your Living Room. The element ‘Air’ rules this part and the guests due to restlessness tend to leave early. This is the ideal area if you hate throwing late night parties.
  • If you are hospitable and love attending guests, then make your living room in the South-West direction. This direction will make your guests comfortable and they will stay longer at your place.

Flooring & Ceiling

The floor of the Living room as well as the ceiling must always slope towards the East or North direction. This helps in eliminating the negative energies.

Entrance of the Living Room

  • It is always auspicious to have the entrance of the Living Room in East direction. This welcomes prosperity in the house. If you have entrance in the South or south-west, you will have to work really hard for your financial security.

What to keep in the Living Room & where?

  • The windows must be in the North-East direction. Always use light coloured curtains in the Living Room.
  • All the heavy items should be kept in the West and South direction such as rock sculptures, statues or heavy decorative items.
  • It is a myth that one must hang a chandelier in the center. Always hang chandeliers in South or West direction of the Living Room.
  • Keep an aquarium in the North-West part of the Living Room. It tends to absorb the negativity that some people bring in your Living Room.

Placement of electrical appliances

Never place the Television in North-West direction. This way the family members will waste all their time in watching TV and there would be lack of communication between them. The TV must be placed in the South-East direction. All the electrical appliances must always be in the South-East direction such as Telephone and Air conditioners.

Which pictures can brighten up your living room?

The more you see good things all day, the more you will feel positive and happy. Vastu Shastra advises that in the Living Room one must always hang pictures that depict happy moments such as a laughing child, beautiful scenery or a series of captured photographs of your memorable moments. Never hang war paintings or depressing pictures that depict death or suffering.

Colours & Furniture

  • Prefer regularly shaped furniture in the Living Room like square or rectangle. Avoid oval or irregular shaped furniture as they tend to attract negative energies.
  • Always use subtle colours on wall such as White, yellow, blue or green. Dark red and black are a strict no; they make the ambience dark and gloomy!

Some Do’s and Don’ts

  • Try keeping the North –East corner clutter free. Keeping healthy indoor plants in this direction brings peace and serenity in the surroundings. Avoid keeping thorny plants such as cactus or dried flowers as they result in causing financial losses.
  • The host to which the house belongs must sit with his or her face towards the East or North direction. This helps them in dominating the guests.

If your Living Room is armed with these powerful Vastu tips, the space will not only become welcoming but will also generate a lot of positive energy in the entire house.

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