Lord Kuber is the God of wealth. Every person adheres to such Vastu tips that can help them in pleasing the God of wealth. The prosperity of a house or a commercial space largely depends on how Vastu-friendly the surroundings are! If you can please Lord Kuber by following certain Vastu tips, he showers the wealth and happiness that every heart desires. The question that might be troubling you right now is- How to please Lord Kuber? There are various Vastu Tips that can attract the favours of the Lord of Wealth.

Keep a water source in South-West

Never keep a water source lower than the normal ground in the south-west corner. This hampers the path of incoming monetary gains. Keeping a water source in the North-East direction is beneficial- be it an aquarium or a water fountain. Make sure that the water in the source is clean and moving. This helps in inviting positivity as well as wealth in the arena.

Place your cash drawer in North direction

Always position your locker or cash drawer in South-West direction with its face opening in the North Direction. North is the direction of Lord Kuber. The more the locker or the drawer opens in the north direction, the more Lord Kuber fills it with wealth. Never have your cash drawer or locker under strong beam light. This causes financial crisis in business or house.

Put up a mirror

Placing a mirror in front of the cash drawer or locker is advisable. Wealth gets doubled when the reflection of the money in the drawer or locker, falls on the mirror.

Free the North-East direction of any clutter

Always keep the North-East direction clutter free and completely open. This helps in attracting wealth in the house. Also avoid making a staircase in this direction.

Never obstruct the passage of wealth

Never let the shadow of any tall buildings fall on the place where you keep your money. This is highly inauspicious as the way of wealth gets obstructed.

Make your surroundings green

Plant trees and make your South-West portion green. This helps in stabilizing the finances of the house. The greener your house is, the more financially secure you are!

Always keep your house clean and organized

It is advisable that one must always keep the house clean and tidy. If the house is dirty, prosperity is never experienced by the people living in it.

Decorate the entrance with vibrant things

Always keep your entrance vibrant and beautifully decorated. This being the main entrance to the house must be inviting and well-lit. This attracts the Lord of wealth towards a house.

Wealth is something which is of supreme importance. If following certain Vastu tips helps you in attracting the favours of the Lord of Wealth- Lord Kuber, there is no harm in adhering to them. Vastu is an architectural Science that was meant to provide benefits to the people. So, follow these simple Vastu Tips and see the magic that happens in your financial life!

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