It is always said that marriages are made in heaven, yet there are cases when life takes a toll over a happy married life and the home turns into a battleground for the husband and the wife.

According to astrologers, incorrect Vastu can cause such troubles in your married life. The placement of objects in your room or the direction in which your room is can affect marital life to a great extent.

Read on to know some simple Vastu tips to ensure peace of mind, good health, happiness, enhanced love and prosperity in your married life.

  • Position of the bedroom- The bedroom should either be in southwest or northwest direction of your house. According to Vastu, it helps in nurturing love and understanding between the couple.
  • Number of mattresses- Don’t use two single mattresses on a double bed in a couple’s room. Sleeping on two mattresses can lead to discord and frequent fights between the couple.
  • Careful with mirrors- To avoid discord between you and your spouse, avoid having mirrors in your bedroom. If there is a mirror in the bedroom, it is best to keep it covered, especially during the night. No beams over the bed: Not a single beam of light should cross the bed as it is considered inauspicious. Rays of light may hinder your sleep and affect your health.
  • Avoid electronic gadgets- Try to keep your TV, laptops, iPads, chargers, and books in a separate room because the electromagnetic rays and vibrations from electronic objects create stress and tension. However, if you have a TV or a computer in your bedroom, cover them with a cloth while sleeping.
  • Use wooden beds- According to Vastu, it is recommended to have wooden beds in the couple’s bedroom as metal beds and beds with any glass fittings or storage facilities are not good for your married life. Changing your bed might help you overcome any understanding problems that you are already facing in your relationship.
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